Gululu Go Smart Interactive Water Bottle for Kids

Gululu Go is a smart water bottle with a combination of the latest technologies like app and contents that will help children to stay hydrated. You can order the Gululu  Go intelligent water bottle from the online stores. Gululu Go is a small and lightweight product that can be carried easily. Some of the features that are included in Gululu Go are the sound speakers; this enables Gululu pets to interact with children.

There are around 2000 stories with different voices for every pet character. Every 2- 3 weeks new features are added to the product. Till April 2018 around 40 thousand Gululu products have been shipped across 70 countries, including the United States, Europe, South East Asia, and other parts.

Gululu Company

Alvin Chiang is the founder of the Gululu; it is the first product that is manufactured by Bowhead Technology. The product is named Gululu because of the sound that kids make when they drink water. Alvin Chiang, a diabetic patient, spends most of his time-solving health problems, he started the idea because of the health issues related to children. In 2014 along with his like-minded team he began Gululu a new startup venture. Gululu strives to give the best products to the kids to grow healthier and helps them to stay hydrated throughout the day. The team researched for several months and found that most of the kids don’t stay hydrated so to eradicate this problem the team invented a new product. One of the essential values of Gululu is caring, and we care for our customers by providing them with the best products and services.

Features of Gululu Water Bottle

Let us see why Gululu Go is so popular? What are the features that are included in the products?


  • Improves health issues:  


The Gululu Go offers long-lasting health benefits for kids. The Gululu is a smart interactive water bottle that helps your child to be hydrated. It also improves mood, concentration, sleep, and cognition of a child. This will also help the child to be active and playful.


  • Track water intake:


The bottle allows parents to keep a track about their kids’ water intake. This is done through the Gululu app that is installed in the product.  Parents need not need to worry about their child’s hydration any more.


  • Latest Technology:  


Other new features are added to Gululu Go like online thematic campaigns, new pet accessories, new drinking animations, new sounds, and new audio phrases. The new features are inserted through the cloud process.


  • Play and Find:


The Gululu allows your child to select musical pet they like; the kids can begin their journey of health and learn as they play. The kids can add new friends and be in touch with them via Gululu’s cloud-based app. The kids can also compete with their friends to reach their hydration level.


  • Safe and waterproof:


Gululu is light weighted products that last for long periods. Gululu product is waterproof and wireless so no danger for the kids.  


  • Easy to maintain:


The bottle can be cleaned easily and is simple to manage because of its modular design. The water bottle is designed to enhance the health of the kid in a convenient way.


  • Innovative design and high-quality material:


The water bottle consists of leak proof and spill proof lid. The design prevents water from spilling. Kids can quickly open and close the lid of the bottle. Tritan a high-quality material is used to manufacture the product.


  • Interactive feature:


The Gululu water bottle is a built-in speaker that helps to tell stories to the kids. The interactive features of the bottle can be set to either sleep mode or school mode whenever needed.  The water consumption level of the kid will be recorded.


  • Make Friends Easily:


Kids can make friends easily by just shaking their Gululu water bottle close to each other and also their pets are friends now


  • Automatic Content Update:


The latest contents are automatically updated via Wi-Fi that opens the door of endless opportunity for kids.


  • Linked App:


Parents can use the linked app from any place and check whether their kids are staying hydrated or not, through their day by using their smartphone.


  • Wireless Charging:


The Gululu bottle has an internal battery that can be charged by just placing the bottle in the wireless dock.  It takes approximately 3 hours to charge fully and lasts for almost 2 days.


  • Be a part of H20 Mission:


People can contribute to building water wells for children, especially in developing countries by purchasing the water bottle; part of the sales portion will be used to carry the mission.


    • The smart water bottle helps your child to stay hydrated throughout the day. It’s easy to clean and portable to carry.
    • It’s a wireless bottle so there no shock absorption. The bottle is made up of high-quality material.
    • The Kids can open and close the lid of the bottle quickly. The Internal battery if charged fully can last for 2 days, and on standby, it lasts for four days.


  • By enabling school mode, the child can concentrate in school without distraction and is the same with sleep mode.


  • There are various health benefits the child can develop like the child can sleep well, increase concentration, can be active in school and on a playground and many other.




  • The bottle can be used by kids of 3 or more years old. It’s unsafe to store the bottle in a refrigerator, which may harm the bottle from the interaction.
  • Cannot keep the water bottle in water for too long. Designed only for kids with apps related to kids. It’s a non-hammer proof bottle if hammered may break easily. More of the technologically oriented bottle with apps and kids stories.
  • In developing countries, it’s impossible for every kid to purchase one, too costly. The Gululu is an expensive solution.
  • The product does not hold more water as needed when the kid is playing real-time games on the playground or doing extra activities.


Gululu is a smart technology-oriented water bottle that helps to keep every child hydrated. Most of the parents have complained about their kids for not consuming enough water when they are away from their home, and Gululu just solves the problem. The parents can now track the amount of water intake by their kids from any place by using their smartphone. Most of the parents in the developed countries are now using it for their kid’s that gives various health benefits. The bottle is too expensive and cannot be purchased by every kid.  Overall, most people like the bottle and other features that it offers.

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