How Mobile Phones are Enabling a World Class Betting Service

Sports betting continues to grow worldwide, with many people deciding to gamble on their favourite sport while they watch games.

There are many reasons why the sports betting industry is growing at this rate, but at the heart of this is certainly the service that is on offer.

A big part of that has been thanks to the introduction of mobile betting. No longer do people need to travel to a bookmaker, or stay and bet from home on their computer.

Essentially, if they want to, anyone that has a mobile phone, has a bookmaker in their pocket.

Want to bet while you are at work? You can. Fancy a wager while out with friends? You can.

Offers such as risk free betting for new players attract newcomers to the industry. When they are betting, it is the quality of the service, and the mobile offering in particular, that keeps them hooked.

The Convenience of Betting with a Mobile Phone

If you look at any aspect of daily life, you are more than likely going to find something that makes it a little convenient for you.

From ordering online to get things delivered, saving you the trouble of leaving your home, to ordering takeaway food, hiring people to do jobs you don’t want to do and much more.

At the heart of everything we do in life, convenience is right there for all to see. The betting industry has seen this, and that is why we now have a mobile phone betting service. Not only that, but it is also why bookmakers are investing millions into their mobile service, they can see how important it is now, and will be in the future.

People will bet less, or maybe even not bet at all, if they have to go out of their way to do so. Having a mobile app, a phone in your pocket, and a connection to the internet, which we all have, allows you to bet how you want, when you want and from where you want.

New Features That Feed into Mobile Betting

Mobile phones are exceptional devices right now, and a quick look at the latest Android news will show that Android phones are far more than just devices we use to contact people.

The battle between Apple and Android over the past decade has led to mobile phone capabilities going through the roof and bookmakers have used that to their advantage.

The hi-tech services that they offer such as betting in play and live streaming are both available for people to use on their mobile phone.

This means if you are at work and want to place a bet on a horse racing, not only can you do that but you can then also watch the race on your phone, cheering home your selection.

We have seen some excellent features become a part of the betting industry and they have added them all to their mobile service, so those users get the very best possible deal.

How Bookmakers are Competing with Each Other

It is fair to say that the betting industry is one of the most competitive out there, and mobile betting has only given bookmakers something else to compete for.

You will see big welcome offers from bookmakers to try and gain new players, these are loss-making for them, but secure vital new players.

However, this is not what the bigger picture is about. You also have to retain players and while offers for existing customers help with this, it is vitally important that bookmakers also offer a strong service.

This comes by having the foundations in place, an easy to use website, great mobile betting app, good payment options and customer support if anyone needs help.

To win the battle of the bookmakers, all of the above is needed and that now includes mobile betting capabilities, and whether the company offers an app or not.

The Future of Mobile Betting

It is clear that mobile betting is going to only go one way from here, and that is up. More people will turn to it, the number of bets placed via a mobile device will increase, and this luxury convenience will become part of daily life for gamblers.

But what will the actual service look like?

The foundations are there, and many enhanced features are also in place, so the start is certainly impressive. In terms of the next steps, if bookmakers want to switch their customers across, look out for mobile-only betting offers becoming a bigger part of their marketing strategy.

Also look out for voice recognition software being used. There may be laws to stop this from being used to place bets, but you could use something like this to ask for odds, offers and results in the near future. 

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