How to Identify Plastic Rice or Fake Rice at home – Tricks and Tips

How to Identify Plastic Rice or Fake Rice at home – Tricks and Tips

Hi, friends how have you been, I think everything fine. Today I am gone share with you most useful information where we are facing daily. The topic is how to identify fake rice. Now a day’s rice is made with plastic. This fake rice mostly made in china. There are so many people suffering for fake rice.

This problem is not only India but also Singapore, Indonesia, Srilanka etc. It’s a very difficult to find out plastic rice or fake rice. Even it may cause so many health diseases. It’s very difficult to find out raw rice but it’s quiet easy to find in boiled rice.

Basically, plastic is made with so many chemicals such as like synthetic or semi-synthetic organics. These chemicals are very harmful to humans. One should not have this plastic rice because once the plastic rice enters into our body we cannot do anything. There is no solution for this problem.

The worst thing is, this problem is increasing  day by day in India. Do not worry just follow this trick then you can easily find out plastic rice at home. Here I will tell you how to identify fake rice without using chemicals. Even you can try at home without any tension.


How to Identify Plastic Rice or Fake Rice

Here I will share some tricks and tips to identify fake rice. Even you do not need any chemicals just simple you can find out at home. It’s a very important to find out fake rice. If you will have fake rice it may cause any unknown diesease. So should be careful about this matter.

  • Just take one glass of water and drop some rice in the glass. Just little bit stirs it. Now you can find out the fake rice will float at the top because the fake rice will mix with plastic that’s why. This process is very simple and easy.
  • There is another simple process. Just take rice and simply burn the rice by using matchbox. If any rice made with plastic then it’s come out the plastic smell.
  • You may also check the rice after boiling it. Simply take the boiled rice in one bottle then just leave it like 2-3 days. If rice has plastic then it will not get fungus’s otherwise same as it is. Because plastic does not affect whether or temperature or any seasons. Plastic will remain same.
  • There is another possible way to identify fake rice. Just take some rice and drop into some real hot oil. The oil temperature will be really 200 c degrees. Now you can find out fake rice or plastic rice will be the bottom of the bowl.
  • You can also identify fake rice while boiling time. Just observe rice during the boiling time. Because if there is a plastic then it will become start forming a thick layer at the top of the pan.

These tricks are very simple and easy even you can try at home. You can find out fake rice very easily. You do not need any chemicals while testing the plastic rice. do not have plastic rice please be aware of this thing. it may cause so many health problems. I hope you have found out plastic rice successfully. Do not eat plastic rice be careful about this matter.


  1. i cooked rice in a cooker, but when i opened it, i found a thick layer inside wall of cooker with rice.
    when i brunt this, it was shrink. could u tell me what was it?

  2. My god . u don’t even have the basic knowledge of science and especially plastics. There is no such thing as plastic rice …i.e rice made from the same material as polythene.. Yes there is rice which is plastic .. But made from bio plastic like starch which is naturally present in corn maize and potatoes but NOT plastic derived from petroleum and is completely safe to eat and is added with nutrients. Who the hell would make plastic rice which will cost more than producing rice naturally. And those videos showing rice produced by plastic infact are not producing rice but plastic pellets and has nothing to do with rice.

  3. Ok…all methods r fine….BT pls tell me how to find it while eating in hotels ….and these methods can do it in home for raw rice..only one method we can use for cooked one…BT we can’t try tat method in hotels..
    So pls tell me a method to find out instantly…

  4. I would like to know if any one has found plastic rice so far. if so could I have a sample? You could contact me on 94482 16343. I am a biochemist and would like to analyse it.

  5. People need to chill out and realize it costs more to make so called plastic rice than just growing rice. It’s all a matter of common sense.

  6. ^you can ask for a small glass of water in a hotel and put a grain of rice in the water.If it floats it’s plastic rice

  7. If plastic rice is true story then why no such story comes in media and print. And no such food checking labs testifies it. Seems a fake news.


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