How to increase USB Pendrive data transfer speed Windows 7/8

How to increase USB Pendrive data transfer speed Windows psd

Hi! How are we all doing today? Hope everyone there is fine. I am up again with this article which is about increasing your USB transfer rate/speed whenever you are transferring data from one device to USB. The speed of the USB device like pendrive normally depends on your device transfer frequency. Sometimes it will just take few seconds and sometimes it just blows your mind telling 8 minutes for 900MB.

Really it feels like it is reading data like humans do. We all have Pendrive now a days it is much portable to carry a USB rather than 1kg laptop. If you are going for the presentations then you would like to carry a USB rather than your device. All you need to do is plug in and use it. In earlier times we use to use LAN cables to transfer data you have to connect 2 devices then follow some freaking procedures but one thing I would like to put light on is the data transfer was easy and fast may be because of the optical fibers.


USB’s are no more costly now they are cheap and almost everyone has it at all times. Taking movies from your friends, doing presentations, conferences etc we prefer USB. So now what happens if your USB’s transfer rate is slow. Sometimes it happens because of virus that we get when we connect it to various devices. We have come up with a simple and easy solution which hopefully helps you to increase data transfer rate of your USB. There are no hard core procedures to follow, no command prompt codes and no software installation required. You just need basic computer knowledge. Given below procedure has to be followed to increase transfer rate of USB:

Step To increase Pendrive data transfer speed

Step 1: open my computer and select your USB drive.
Step 2: right click on USB and select properties.
Step 3: on hardware tab select the connected USB, then properties and then policies.
Step 4: select optimize for performance instead of optimize for quick removal
Step 5: format the USB with NTFS System
Step 6: you are done.

So how easy it is to increase pendrive data transfer speed, now share more data with your friends at high speed and prevent time loss. Now you can transfer data to pendrive fast.

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