How to Set Up Parental Control on Android?

Parental control applications have transformed parenting. It has opened multiple pathways of parents to engage in efficient parenting. As smartphones have become an inevitable part of a child’s life, they can actually be helpful for parents in controlling their children and their conduct.

Yes, there are applications such as Minspy that provide the much needed insight into your children’s life. You can see everything your child is doing, where they are, who are they talking to, texting, and messaging all day. You can even see their Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook interactions.

Is Minspy the only app offering efficient parental control? No, but definitely is the best there is to exist. You can read more on how this app is an efficient parental control tool and helps parents around the world to be informed about their children and what they are up to. 

Why Minspy?

If you search for a parental control app on the internet, you will find bewildering alternatives. There will be many apps offering free demos, free trials, but they indeed are phishing tools and will flood your system with malware.

Further, the feedback forms and the robot verifications that these apps require are a colossal wastage of your time, effort and money. Minspy is a tried and tested method of ensuring that you can spy seamlessly on your child. 

Spying on your child’s phone can be tricky. However, it is a very prominent way to ensure honesty or safety of your child. Therefore, Minspy offers a friendly dashboard and a trustworthy platform to spy extensively. 

While Minspy is laden with a lot of beneficial features, it also has some core features that make this app a truly special one. Some of such core features are as follows:

Ensures Data Privacy

Minspy understands your concerns with privacy and rightly addresses the issue. It leaves no stone unturned in ensuring that anonymity and interests of the parents and the children are protected and retained. No parent using Minspy has ever been caught.

Lesser Trails through Web Access

As Minspy is a web based application, there is no need to install the app. This is important in a way that it lessens the chances of leaving a trail. It does not necessitate any unwanted installations, etc. and keeps requirements as simple as possible.

Secrecy through Stealth Mode

Minspy’s stealth mode is well embedded into its very structure. It is almost like going incognito while spying. You can check your child’s phone all day without even instigating any suspicion.

No Unnecessary Linkages

You do not need to indulge in any form of rooting or jailbreaking to operate on Minspy. You require only essential and minimum interface with the target Android phone. The details sought are their minimal best. Your safety while spying is of utmost importance to Minspy.

Hidden Android Spy App

Speaking of Android, no spy application can attain direct remote access to an Android phone. Due to Android phone’s software configurations and stringent rules, you can’t attain direct access. Minspy is no exception and any other app claiming direct access is just lying.

But, Minspy addresses this issue well. While direct remote access is still not possible, Minspy offers you a very convenient trick that can allow you to spy remotely. Let’s learn a little more about the same.

How to Set Up Parental Control on Android 

Minspy is functional on Android in an effortless and seamless way. When it comes to an Android phone, the process is a little tricky, but very handy. Below is the step wise procedure of how to set up Minspy’s parental control on Android:

  • Registration: You initiate the process by registering on Minspy’s app.  You can register on Minspy’s app by using your email ID and that is all. No extra birthday, anniversary or social media account linkages required. 

  • Plan Selection: After the registration, you will then need to select the most appropriate plan that suits your requirements. For example, there are various plans to choose from in Minspy and all plans have different offerings. 

Every plan has different deliverables and purposes. From monthly, premium to family plans, the list is extensive and exhaustive. You can do an analysis of your needs and then go ahead with it. 

  • Set Up: After you have selected and bought the plan chosen, you would then automatically receive the set up instructions on the registered email ID. The set up link, once clicked on, will be self explanatory and easy to use.

After the installation is finished, Minspy will ask you about the target platform. That’s where you will mention ‘Android’ as you wish to set up parental control on Android. Now, with Android, you can’t have direct remote access, but Minspy allows you to work your way around even then.

Link to the Android phone in under 5 Minutes: When you select ‘Android’ as the target platform, you would then need to download the app on the target Android phone. The process of downloading the app only takes a few minutes. 

While downloading might seem a heavy task to some, Minspy makes it very simple. The trick here is to hide the application immediately upon download. When hidden, the app goes invisible and even vanishes from the library of Apps. 

  • Checking Data on Dashboard

The last and final step is to access and view the information available post linkage. The dashboard of Minspy is so superb, it flows seamlessly. You can jump from one tab to another with a streamlined database.

It only takes a few minutes to register, install, download and then hide Minspy. On  establishing a successful link with your child’s Android phone, you can view every data on their phone.


You can read more on Minspy and its superb functions. There is a reason why it is the most trusted parental control application popular with parents around the world. It just has everything that you want to know about your child. 

As parents, it is essential to know that they are on the right track and essential to know they are keeping good company. If you ensure that your children have their priorities right, the rest of their lives will be sorted.


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