How to Transfer Balance from BSNL to BSNL Mobile Number-USSD Codes

If you are searching for how to transfer mobile balance in BSNL then this article may useful for you. Here I will give you bsnl balance transfer code . Even you do not need to search for USSD code. It’s very simple and Easy to transfer balance from others. It’s just like SMS style. Even there is particular format for transferring balance and just follow the format then you can transfer balance to anyone. If you do not have any idea about transferring balance then just follow step by step here I will give full information about transferring mobile balance from BSNL number to Other BSNL number.

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How to Transfer Mobile Balance from BSNL to BSNL

You can only share your balance same mobile operator. It’s not possible to share other mobile operators like airtel, aircel, reliance, Idea, Tata Docomo, Vodafone ect. There are few things that you must be remembering before transfer your balance to someone. You can transfer only one time per day but receiver can receive many times per day. You can share minimum 5 rupees and maximum 100 rupees but after transferred to someone at least you have 50 repress in your main balance then only your transaction will be successfully otherwise you cannot transfer to someone. Here I will tell you how to transfer mobile balance from BSNL number to other BSNL number. Just follow the following steps.

  • Now you will have to send SMS like this format “ GIFT<Space>Mobile Number<Space>Amount ” and send to 53733 or 53738
  • After that you will get a conformation message for successful transformation.
  • BSNL operator is not responsible for your lost amount of balance in case of entering wrong number.

I hope you have transfer BSNL balance successfully. It’s a very simple process as compare to other mobile operators. Just like sending message to others. you can transfer with in five minutes. While doing this process just once check your number would be in active mode or not.



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