How To Unlock Memory Card and Remove SD Card Password Security

How To Unlock Memory Card and Remove SD Card Password Security

Do you often forget your passwords ? Many times we add security passwords to our memory card for privacy reason. But some times we forget our SD card password and it become impossible to unlock by guessing. But don’t worry, today i will tell you How to unlock memory card password or methods to remove SD card security password.

how to unlock sd card

Though you will found many memory card password remover software or memory card password unlocker tools. But most of them does not work or you have to buy license. But here i will tell you some methods to unlock memory card and reset memory card password tricks. There are 3 methods to remove memory card password that we gona discuss here.

How to unlock Memory Card without Software

If you have locked your memory card and you did not remembered its password. And you have some important data in it. Then follow these methods to recover your SD card password.

Remove Memory Card Password using Nokia Symbian Phones

To remove your memory card password using this method , you need to have a Nokia Symbian phone. You can arrange it from some of your friend. Just follow the below steps and unlock your memory card.

  • Now Insert your locked memory card into Nokia Symbian Phone.
  • Now download FExplorer into your phone.
  • Now Run FExplorer and open C drive.
  • There you will found a file name mmcstore, rename this file to mmcstore.txt
  • Now connect your phone to pc and copy this file into your PC.
  • Now open this file using Notepad.
  • At the end of file you will find your SD card password.

Now use this password to unlock your SD card. This method works most of the time but if you are unable to arrange Symbian phone. Then just follow the below method to unlock your memory card.

Recover Memory Card Password

If above method does not worked for you, then you can use this method to remove memory card password. This method also requires a Symbian Nokia phone.

  • First Download the Xplore application in your Nokia symbian phone.
  • Now insert your locked SD card into this phone. Now run the X-Plore apaplication.
  • Now press the Zero “0” key.
  • Just ensure that you have check mark the ” show the system files ” option.
  • Now Go to this path C:/ Sys//Data/ Mmcstore
  • Now press the three “3” numeric key to enable HEX – Viewer.
  • Now check the third column, you will found something like this “TMSD02G (c ??”? x???1?9?9?1?2)
  • Now remove the “?” Question mark from the above code. Rest is your memory card password.

Now just use this password and unlock your memory card.

Method 3 : Remove Memory Card Password

For this method you need Nokia E series mobile or N95. But this method will remove all your data. So only use this method when you don’t have any important data in your phone.

Just insert your SD card into your phone.

Now format your memory card and it will not ask for password.

Its that easy to remove memory card password with this.

How to unlock memory card

  • Go to phone File manager.
  • Now open System folder in your file manager.
  • There you will found a file name Mmcstore.
  • Now connect your phone to pC and move this file to your computer.
  • Now open this file with Notepad.
  • Now you can check your password into this file.

So these are some methods to remove memory card password and unlock SD card. These methods are tested and are working. You can try these methods and let us know if you have any queries related to memory card unlock. Here i have also provided the download link for memory card unlock software. You can use them to reset your SD card password.

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