How to Watch Hotstar in USA/UK

Hotstar is an ultimate Indian entertainment platform. Whoever likes Indian content (TV shows, Bollywood movies, cricket, HBO content and etc.) can see on Hotstar. The platform is only available in India, it’s not available for other countries.

That’s a big problem to Bollywood and Indian TV shows’ lovers. Hotstar access your system location and matches that user should be in India.

In case of other countries, they can also enjoy bollywood by using VPN. Virtual Private Network (VPN) is the way to use the Hotstar outside India. There are so many VPN are available to use.

I would suggest you the best VPN after guiding you how to install Hotstar on Firestick. Now I am going to tell you what is the exact process to see Hotstar from out of India.

If you want to use Hotstar from USA or other countries you need to download it on your device. It is available on Android, iOS, and FireStick. It is very simple to install Hotstar on iOS and Android, but you can face some difficulties if you are not quite aware about Firestick.

Here I am going to guide you to install Hotstar on Firestick with VPN. There are some steps that you should follow to install it on your Firestick.

Step 1: As I guided you about best VPN service providers, it is your turn to choose one. Click on the icon which is located beside the home button.

Step 2: Now type Hotstar in the search section and then click on the ‘Hotstar’.

Step 3: After clicking on the Hotstar there would be a download button, click on it and download the Hotstar application. Installation of application would run automatically after successfully downloading of Hotstar application.

Don’t open the Hotstar app without ensuring VPN service. Make sure your VPN is working properly according to India region. To watch Indian content you need to switch your location to India.

Step 4: After changing your location to India, now open the application. You can see the home screen of Hotstar application here.

Now Hotstar is here. You are ready to see everything that you like about Indian content. But there is one issue that if any show/movie showing that it is only accessible in premium plan then you can’t access them without paying for them. You need to pay for premium plan or just stuck to the free one.

When you bought the plan of Hotstar Premium, you have to sign in to access your Premium account. You may also use Hotstar premium cookies.

Step 5: Sign in to your premium account either using your Facebook account or email address. After filling email address and password click on the login button. It will lead you to home screen of the Hotstar.

Now everything is settled up. After signing in you are allowed to use premium content. Now you are free from any obstacles until your plan ends. We have listed few VPN’s that you can use to watch Hostar in USA, UK or anywhere in the world.

Top 3 VPN for Hotstar

  1. Surfshark

Surfshark serves in 60+ countries with 1040+ servers. In my opinion it is the best VPN service provider. It can help you to use Hotstar and enjoy the bollywood and cricket. Surfshark provides the cheapest plan $1.99/mon. You would not get as cheap as Surfshark’s plan. It reduces your budget and increases the enjoyment. You can go directly to choose Surfshark plan from here.

Why Choose Surfshark???

  • Cheapest Packages

 The plans of Surfshark is the best for the low budget customers or users. To see the live   cricket match without any disruption. You only have to pay $1.99/monthly.

  • Speedy

Speed is the very point to choose a VPN service provider and surf in the ocean of the Internet and Hotstar as much as you want to.

  • Location

It’s extremely important to see the locations or countries that is covered by VPN provider.   Surfshark covers 60+ countries, I think that is a big number.

  • Security

This is the most reason why people choose Surfshark because they give 100% security to   device and database.



ExpressVPN is the best VPN service provider. It covers 94 countries and 160 locations. They provide unlimited speeds. ExpressVPN can let you see Indian content and HBO content through Hotstar. The best thing of ExpressVPN is it’s IP address never gets down.You can claim money back within 30-days money back policy. 

Why ExpressVPN??

  • Location

This VPN service provider covers a lot of number countries, they cover around 94 countries and 160 locations.

  • Protection

 ExpressVPN keeps you and your data totally secured. It never let hackers to access your   device or content.

  • Speed

Surfing speed is quite good of ExpressVPN.

  • Assurance of Service (Money back guarantee) 

When you got the service of ExpressVPN you don’t need to think about your money and   their service. If, you don’t like it’s service then you can claim money back within 30 Days.


OMG!!!, here is the mega offer, PUREVPN.

PUREVPN provides their service 140+ countries with 2000+ servers. It’s huge number of locations where they are providing their best service. PUREVPN giving exciting offers and services with assurance. It is the most popular VPN for live streaming and hotstar. They serves speedy performance over the globe. Plus their 31-days money back guarantee is the most exciting offer that they are offering.

  • Location 

PUREVPN covers a huge part of globe, they are giving service in 140+ countries with 2000+ servers.

  • 24/7 Customer Service

 Now you don’t need to worry about installation, security, or any other customer’s service   issue.

  • 31-Days Money Back Guarantee

There is no risk to take your money back if you don’t like their service. It’s all depend on  you how much you liked the service.

  • Data Security

You are free, don’t think too much about the security, you are in the secure hands. PUREVPN keeps your data safe and encrypt it with their best service.

  • 5 Multi Devices

You can login same account in 5 devices simultaneously.

Choose the best VPN service provider from the above described VPN, it will let you use Hotstar. I recommend you to give preference to Surfshark because it’s cheapest plan. In $1.99/monthly, you are getting everything that other VPN service providers are not giving. Imagine how cool is it to have a such like of a VPN in your device. Enjoy the best bollywood movies and cricket only on Hotstar.


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