If You Don’t Know Why You Should Go to Spain, Here You Have a Few Reasons

Spain is one of those countries that has it all: from breath-taking sights and beaches with turquoise water to a rich history, delicious food, and a never-ending source of culture. But what makes Spain so engaging and fantastic is its amazing culture and language. 

Spanish people are passionate and emotional, and they express all those feelings through language and music. Because of its simplicity, Spanish speakers can transform the words into works of beauty. 

If you are thinking about learning a second language to boost your personal and professional life, spanish language school Barcelona is the right place to do it. The school has several courses for students and skilled professors that will teach you to speak this gripping language like a true pro. 

A Quick Overview of the Spanish Language

The Spanish language results from a mixed racial background, from blacks to Asians, Europeans, and original Americans.

For decades, native speakers of different origins have combined and re-mixed into a gigantic melting pot of 500 million Hispanics with lineage from all over the world whose solitary uniting aspect is language and culture, regardless of background. 

This fact often irritates American registration documents, which label us as a race incapable of dividing our knotted entangled mix into numerous distinct groups.

Spanish is the second largest language after Chinese. It has the most invaluable cultural heritage compared to other communities. Spanish is a mix of traditions, local cuisine, architecture, music and literature, and history from Spain to Mexico and Argentina. 

One important particularity is that Spanish may take on a million distinct shapes. In many aspects, Spanish is a conservative language; it is a language that always chooses the elegant old manner over new styles; it hasn’t taken in as many loanwords as other languages, and its lexicon isn’t nearly as large as languages like English, which accept all they can from others. 

However, the Spanish language has the quality of being extraordinarily idiomatic and colloquial; popular expressions and connotations vary significantly from place to place, and the amount of colloquialism found throughout the Hispanic world may drive you insane when trying to speak the proper Spanish you learned with people from various countries.

Because Spanish phonetics are plain and consistent, the language seems extremely simple to breakthrough. However, if you start to learn it, you will see that the translucent crystal’s interior structure isn’t as easy as it appears. 

All of the intricacies lie in the grammar, particularly in verb grammar, which you don’t expect to learn from scratch while you’re just enjoying the language’s primary, easy-going outer layers.

As you can see, there is so much more to hear about this incredible language. It has it all: romance, mystery, history, and elegance. Let´s see some important aspects you have to know and definitely should consider if you plan to take some Spanish lessons.

Why is Spanish is Such a Special Language?

A perfect spanish school will teach you how to speak fluent Spanish, but it will also show why the language is so unique. This will help you understand all the contexts. Here are some essential aspects of the Spanish language: 

  • Vowels are clear, and consonants are light. This combination allows Spanish speakers to glide from one note to the next fluently and beautifully. 
  • Pronouns. By adding pronoun, you may include the speaker in a phrase referring to another person: No te me vayas. This would be similar to Don’t leave me, but the Spanish version sounds far more personal, as if the person being addressed is genuinely a part of the speaker. Once linked, you’re in it for the long haul.
  • In Spanish, open syllables are preferred. The total percentage of vowels in speech is similarly high, and the highly articulated vowels, as well as the light and airy consonants, contribute to the overall impression. Vowels sing considerably more than consonants.
  • Adjectives. They go right after the noun. 
  • Compounds. Guardarropa, malasangre, lavaplatos, hojalata, anteayer are some of the Spanish words for them. It’s also fun to use two adjectives or two nouns as the word agridulce.
  • Stress pattern: it has a symmetrical quality, especially in sentences with three syllables: accent the middle one rather than the first or last. To my ear, there’s some other singing.
  • Intonation. Spanish is nearly never monotonous. However, this might depend on the accent. It features valleys, hills, and lovely curves.
  • Diphthongs: These breezy noises add some poetry to the language. Tiempo instead of tempo, viento instead of vento or puerto instead of porto. They make sound Spanish so romantic and sweet!

Fun Facts About the Spanish Language

These are the main reasons why Spanish is such an exciting and romantic language:

  • Spanish is the world’s fourth most frequently spoken language, with around 543 million native speakers.
  • Spanish is the official language of twenty-one nations around the globe. 
  • Many terms in Spanish are derived from English.
  • Spanish is one of the languages that have a massive influence on everyone and is in high demand. According to statistics, when offered the option of learning a second language, most students choose Spanish.
  • Unlike other European languages, Spanish is a phonetic language. In Spanish, letters are pronounced consistently, and each letter symbolizes a distinct sound.
  • Spanish is one of the world’s most romantic languages.
  • Spanish love songs are more widely known than French or Italian love songs worldwide.
  • When compared to French or Portuguese romantic films and TV shows, Spanish romantic films and TV shows are more popular internationally. Spanish has consistently outperformed French as the preferred language for streaming international movies.
  • The popularity of Spanish literature outnumbers that of Italian and French literature combined.
  • In the Western globe, Spanish is the most widely spoken language.

Spanish courses Barcelona should be your first option to learn Spanish from scratch. Professors are trained native professionals who can prepare a personalized course according to your needs. 

Are you ready for an exciting language journey? Don´t wait any longer! You can become fluent in Spanish in a short period of time while having fun and meeting new friends.

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