iGaming Opportunities Soon to Explode on BSV

CoinGeek’s fifth episode of “Hashing it Out” with host Becky Liggero brings some exciting news and insight to the iGaming space. This episode features BitBoss CTO Alex Shore and DotWallet Founder Lin Zheming. The trio discuss how Shore and Zheming have partnered up to bring the latest offering to iGaming on a global scale.


This is a wallet like no other with new and innovative feature that sets it apart. The majority of the users having this wallet reside in Southeast Asia, which is no surprise as it relates to online gambling. Zheming does insist there is plenty of growth in the UK and elsewhere.  Of course, it shares similar features to other apps like buying, sending, and receiving funds. It goes beyond the basics by linking other apps as well as token exchange. All of which take place on the BSV blockchain.

“We use the app ecosystem that can help users to navigate through different applications within the app store in the app so that they can discover what they can do with their digital assets and then they could try something new maybe,” said Lin. 

Being on the BSV blockchain gives DotWallet an advantage over other wallets in this space. It is scalable, fast, and cost nearly nothing for each transaction. Those are just some of the features that make this wallet attractive.

BitBoss / Dragon

There are many online casinos out there in the iGaming industry. Dragon BSV Casino is one of them and is a widely used gambling platform in Southeast Asia, like DotWallet. The relationship between BitBoss and Dragon is quite unique due to the partnership taking place on blockchain. 

BitBoss runs the gaming platform for online casino operators, and Dragon is one of the first operators that has white labeled our platform and that’s their focus, that entire region,” says Shore.

Every transaction is timestamped and recorded on the blockchain. This includes when players login or out of their accounts, the bets they make, and any winnings they receive from their action. This provides the highest level of security for the players. It also eliminates the opportunity for double spending because every payout is tied to the bet that was placed.

The Partnership

BitBoss and DotWallet seem to be a match made in blockchain heaven. This all took place in February of 2021 with the two coming together and pulling their resources. With BitBoss already having Dragon giving them the white label, DotWallet brings their user base of more than a million subscribers who can immediately connect to Dragon BSV by simply downloading the app from their wallet.

At the conclusion of the episode, both Zheming and Lin expressed their excitement on what is to come in the near future and beyond with their new partnership. They both stated none of this could or would happen without the BSV blockchain. 

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