Impact of Climate Change: 4 Ways You Can Save the Planet

Climate change is a serious issue, and it is not only impacting nature but also society. Therefore, it is important to understand for people that both climate change and society are interrelated. Any change in one will have a direct effect on the other. For example, drought can impact food products and the health condition of people. In the case of floods, diseases spread rapidly and can damage the infrastructure and the ecosystem.

Climate change impacts every aspect of the world, be it internationally, with a region, community, or neighbourhood. It exposes individuals to hazards and dangers that can disrupt their daily functionality. Therefore, it is of great importance to take the threats of climate change seriously and work towards betterment. In this article, we will discuss climate change impact and the measures one can take to avert it.

Impact of Climate Change

Climate change can now be witnessed everywhere. Its impact can be seen in nature, society, the animal kingdom, birds, trees everywhere. Here is how this change has impacted the planet earth.

– The global temperature has risen about 1.8°F (1°C). This has adversely affected the snow caps and resulted in the melting of glaciers.

– The rise in the sea level has alarmingly accelerated. From being 1.7 mm/year, it has reached 3.2 mm/year. This is a threatening situation as it can lead to flooding and submerging of cities that are situated along the coastal area.

– Emission of carbon dioxide has risen 25% with the increase in population. Post-industrial revolution the emission stands at 40%.

– The speed with which snow is melting us an all-time high as compared to the previous years.

All these climates are proof of the growing climate change impact on the world. If swift actions are not taken, the planet and its habitants might have to face consequences that will disrupt their livelihood.

The Solution to Save the Planet from Climate Change Impact

Following are the solutions that people can make in their daily lives to slow the impact of climate change:

  • Be Well-Informed: The best way to fight the impact of climate change is to stay informed. It is a responsible step towards a better tomorrow. People must first, and foremost gain knowledge of the causes of climate change its solution. They can share this knowledge amongst their friends, peers, colleagues to raise awareness. By equipping themselves with the right information from a credible source, people will be able to take action and make changes in their lives that will contribute directly as a solution for climate change’s impact.
  • Raise Voice: While individual contribution plays a major role in averting climate change, it is also the responsibility of the world leaders and politicians to make the right policies. Laws should be made and implemented for industries that are not eco-friendly and are producing a large amount of toxic waste. To make this happen, people need to raise their voices.
  • Be a Responsible Traveller: Whether travelling internationally or locally, people must be aware of travelling responsibly. To reduce the carbon footprint, individuals can take public transport or do carpool. For the frequent flyers, they can take trains instead of planes.
  • Sustainable Consumption: Wildlife extinction is a major issue, and the biggest factor is food production. In addition, it also contributes to the emission of greenhouse gas globally. This further deteriorates the biodiversity of the planet. Sustainable eating helps in reducing CO2 emissions as well as saving wildlife.

The climate change impact is a matter of everybody’s concern. Therefore, doing even a little bit towards this goal can help in finding a solution for the future.

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