Top 10 Metaverse Apps of 2022

Metaverse is a digital world where users can explore profiles of other people with entire narratives and stories that take place in-situ, instead of relying on graphics to create the narrative. A gaming application in a metaverse allows players to create their own avatars as they explore the virtual world. The different universes created by these developers are full of dangers like bounty hunters and thieves that players have to read about in order to venture into them successfully. Here is a list of awesome companies currently innovating the gaming properties in the metaverse.

Introduction: What is Metaverse?

The metaverse is a shared artificial world where a person creates digital objects like videos, pictures, text, video games, and websites. The virtual world supports user interactions from many different platforms such as VR (virtual reality), AR (augmented reality), and MVR/MR: mobile augmented reality using smartphones

Top 10 Metaverse Apps of 2022

As the Metaverse develops, this list of Top 10 Metaverse Apps might not be so accurate in 2022. Inevitably, versatile models will emerge to incorporate IoT and other assorted interfaces that would supplant rudimentary apps like chat, email and address book. If so, the creative minds behind Metaverse would probably reach eminence in developing neoterminal interfaces that allow decentralised collaboration around a single common purpose the way communication within a human network allows individuals to work together for common goals and purposes.

1. Evolution Space

Evolution Space:This project takes into account the new challenges that will require a leap in technology while spurring the growth of blockchain and keeping pace with nascent technologies such as DLT. With a focus on the decentralized web, Evolution Space introduces a tokenized asset system which is meant to support virtual reality, augmented reality and software development .

2. AvatarGame

AvatarGame is a virtual reality gaming world. You can create an avatar and play in one of twenty-nine different worlds, from fantasy to sci-time and beyond that may contain the characters or the utopia or dystopia. AvatarGame will have complete content for shared spaces such as community profiles, maps and events.


With the goal that users don’t have to leave their homes and go out, the future of gaming is going to be virtual. This can be achieved by one of the near-future apps – VRMMO. What this means is that you will be able to create a fantasy world in your own home with another player participating right next to you and inside this world both players will be able to interact to make decisions and overcome obstacles.

4. MTS

Mobile technology is always continuing to mature, giving the people new and exciting ways to interact with their mobile devices. MTS is an Android or IOS app that provides users a unique virtual universe for their mobile device. The app’s VR capabilities enhance gaming experience for users pushing the envelopes of what can be done on Smartphones. At the same time, it is a proving ground to advance Smartphone technologies and develop desktop based VR apps on the cloud.


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6. 3D Gamers

3D Gamers is a 3D video game where you can play with multiplayer and friends. There are many battles to choose from, like sword fighting, car fighting, angel bombing, and more! They also have a built-in social network that allows you to chat with your friends and participate in quests!


It is a decentralized application platform connecting top apps with advertisers, which is bringing mainstream integration of VR and AR into everyone’s hands. But one of the main challenges for getting mainstream adoption is not necessarily the technology itself, but the tools and services that developers need to produce widespread VR and AR experiences. Flexenter’s goal is to develop those tools, which it needs to accomplish its mission of encouraging the creation and growth of projects.

8. Star-Lifter Universe

Star-Lifter Universe is an android and IOS Metaverse App that combines science fiction immersion with a team-based FPS online game. Players get to visit different dimensions and galaxies, engage in combat, take down raid bosses or enemies, trade or market their items to charities across the galaxy where they have been donated or auctioned for.

9. The Sandbox

The idea of the Sandbox is that you can create, explore and share anything that’s not physically impossible – all while staying within the limitations of size, height, depth and weight. With augmented reality, interaction and presence, this world could take our friendship to the next level by allowing us to see each other without just words or screens.


MOBOX is an augmented reality app that combines immersive reality with blockchain technology. This means it will utilize AR to show you real world points of interest, while also connecting them to their corresponding assets on the MOBOX platform through the phone screen.
MOBOX provides developers with a deployment portal, making it easier than ever for businesses and entrepreneurs with AR application ideas to implement them into their business level slots.

Conclusion: Looking to the Upcoming Future of Metaverse

Last year in 2021 I was trying to predict the first major metaverse app to average more than 100,000 downloads a week. Today I have updated my list of predicted apps.
My predictions this year are focused on the top 10 android and ios metaverses in 2022. This list is based on several factors: how much investment in development there has been, looking at which companies are investing the most in metaverse development, and other calculations about human attention and social engagement. While these factors might seem arbitrary, they give us an idea about what groups of people will be the first most eager to invest in the metaverse when it is used as a storytelling device.

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