Noise Shots X5 Charge Review – True Wireless Earbuds

Noise – The word real sounds like unpleasant and unwanted sound but this company GoNoise, really redefine it’s meaning. With their superb range of headphones, earbuds, they have made good presence in the market.

You must be very familiar with the name Airpods – wireless earbuds from Apple. Yes, the trend of wireless earbuds was started by Apple but many companies have designed and produce better earbuds than Airpods. One of the product is Noise Shots X5 Charge, that we will going to review and tell you it’s reality.

Noise Shots X5 Review

A true earbuds for me is the one with good pleasant sound, easy and fast connectivity with your smartphone or other devices, good range, comfortable and light weight, fast charging and good battery life. I think that’s not all but for me these major features are enough. Let’s see what X5 have for us.


You must have experience some trouble while connecting with other earbuds, like sometime it keep on searching, or you need to press this and that button for pairing and other issues. But this one is really simple and fast, just take out, simply tap on X5 on your bluetooth menu to connect. It’s connected enjoy the music.

Now it will automatically connected to your phone as soon you take out from the case. No more connectivity hustle. Also range is upto 10M, which is fine.

The earbuds comes with Bluetooth 5.0 with dual paring option, so you can play different audio on both the earbuds, this is something next level.

Audio Quality

Sound/beats are clear, quality is good, volume levels are also good. You can even feel surrounding sound effect but not that good. Fairly if i say, other part is good but I feel base is missing. rest, everything seems good.

Call Connectivity/ Quality

You can easily pickup call from on ear buds buttons, it’s fast. Call sound quality is also good, no noise clear sound at both ends.

Comfort / Fit

In terms of comfort I feel that it’s quiet bulky, do not feel comfortable, if you do not use earbuds regularly, I feel it will be difficult to wear this for long duration. Also, company tried to make it so it can fit, but while running or doing exercise, it may easily fall and you can loose it.

Battery/ Charging Case

This is something that I give 10 out of 10. Battery life is really good, and the best part is that it’s charging case has inbuilt power bank with 2200 mAh capacity. So as soon you keep it in the case, it goes to charging mode. On full charge you can use it to charge your earbuds more than 10 times. That’s really wonderful.

Also, you can use the charging case as a power bank to charge your other devices like smartphone. So it’s multi use, you do not need to carry power bank separately. Also, it’s size is small so you do not even feel, if you carrying it in pocket.

I always run away from wireless earbuds, smartwatch, just because I forget to charge them but this one with inbuilt powerbank solved my issue. I can now enjoy my music, without worrying about the charging my buds.

Now I can say this is something true wireless.

Splash Proof

Do you like to listen music while you do exercise ? or while is shower ? Yes, everybody do. But some old earbuds have issue with the sweat, but this one comes with the IPX5 rating, it’s sweat and splash proof. I tried to use them in shower, I found no issue. But I suggest you to be careful.

This is not all this earbuds have lots of other features like it is compatible with Siri and Google assistant, A2DP support and DSP that let’s you play music with very less distortion and noise.

It comes with 4 colour options and easily available online on Amazon or Overall product is really good and I can say that it’s one of the true wireless earbuds available in India. If you are looking for Airpods alternatives, you can try this.

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