How to open write lock of pen drive

Hello guys, today I am going to tell you how you can open the lock or specifically write lock of your pen drive. For those who don’t know what is a write lock here is a small description of what is write lock in pen drive. Sometimes your pen drive gets locked. It means that now you cannot use that pen drive to store data because it’s writing permission are disabled due to some problem. Now if you want to use that pen drive again for writing purpose then fist of all you have to open its lock. Its very easy to open the pen drives lock just follow the steps given below and your pen drive will be ready to use again.

How to open write lock of pen drive ?

First of all connect your pen drive with your computer and open command prompt. In order to open command prompt in windows 7 just click on the start button on the left most corner of your desktop screen. In windows 8 press the window button from your key board and then type command prompt.

Now type disk part on the command prompt screen. Command prompt will change the default disk search option to disk part option.

 Now type list disk in command prompt. After typing this you will see a list of all disks attached to your computer.

Now you have to type select disk and name of your pen drive flashing above .After doing this you have to type the most important command of all. Type attributes disk clear readonly. This command will open help in opening the write only lock form your pen drive.

Lastly type exit and you will come out of the diskpart and now your pen drive is ready to use again. You just have to remember one thing that command prompt is highly case sensitive so you have to type exactly the same commands then only this trick will work.

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