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Shadowlands Mythic Plus Upcoming Changes

Remember that sweet feeling when controversial challenge mode from Pandaria turned into dust? It was replaced by the cool concept from the Diablo 3 game, the Mythic dungeons. Today you can find various types of WoW mythic boost proposed by numerous companies, and I would recommend you to use the best boosting service Leprestore Mythic Dungeons Boost if you decide to ease your life. Mythic carry options appeared to be popular for the reason. This endgame content is quite a useful adjustment tool for the player that clearly understands where they want to go. If you wanna conquer Castle Nathria in heroic mode, you’re welcome; choose the right Mythic keystone boost! However, in Shadowlands, there are many problematic sides of Mythic gear getting. And in this article, I would like to speak about them a bit by explaining how Blizzard plans to fight these problems in 9.0.5.

This guy is happy that you will get his loot from the final chest with the increased chance.

What’s wrong with gear?

The Great Vault became a notable increase of loot selectivity for players. Because of this flexible system, ordering Mythic dungeon boost (especially several ones) guarantees you the choice among several high-level items. Overall, the player could have managed to finish Castle Nathria bosses in normal or Looking For Raid mode and few Mythic instances with boosters (or with randoms) to get the choice from at least 4-5 items.

However, these gear pieces’ quality would not have been the same in most cases (the item level). Moreover, even in this system, you may get identical items each week. I’ve had the exact helmet each time three weeks in a row, and it was insane, as another possible loot in the Vault was worse from the perspective of ilvl. 

The Great Vault is located in Oribos. Don’t miss the excellent loot it grants you for different activities. 

That’s life. Random life. What’s the matter?

If you play PvP, you know that there the player has far broadened possibilities of control over the gear. The overall path of getting something good looks like that. You fight on the arena or on the battleground, get the Honor and Conquest points, and then spend these on the various gear pieces available at the special vendor in Oribos.

The peculiar aspect of this system is that you can upgrade the loot by using the Honor points. For example, if you have a 177 item level helmet, you can upgrade it to the 184 item level for 1250 honor points. However, you have the Renown system’s limitation; such a transformation will be possible only at level 7 Renown and higher). In this sense, PvP players have much more freedom in designing their gear level than PvE ones. 

Zo’sorg can sell you the pieces of PvP for the Conquest points. Should we have something like this for Mythic+?

How Blizzard plans to fix this?

Well, if you planned to buy the Shadowlands Mythic Plus boost, you may especially want to do it after the 9.0.5 patch will be out. Developers have introduced multiple changes to covenant abilities (more to come), and many other systems, including the way loot received from Mythic dungeons, can be upgraded.

The brand new mechanism is actually a combination of two familiar ones, the PvP upgrades and the Valor points system. Let’s dive into details.

Imagine that you buy Mythic runs WoW boosting services offer you. This time you await a really great 213 level loot from the Great Vault. Tuesday is here, the Vault is opening, and… wait, I already have this helmet! However, instead of hating everything in Azeroth, you can go to a special place and upgrade your 213 ilvl to 220 for a certain amount of Valor points. But only if you fit the unique requirements. 

Let’s welcome the Valor points (again). But don’t think it will be easy to get them. 

 These ones mean you should complete the achievements of conquering Mythic dungeons. The best way to do so is to buy Mythic plus carry on the boosting site as you need to complete the really high keystones. For example, if you want to upgrade your 213 loot to 220, you should finish all the instants (8 at the moment) with 15+ keystone level. I think you agree with me if I say it’s not an easy task for solo gaming. If you want a slightly “lower” upgrade up to 213 from 207, you should conquer all 10+ dungeons. And to increase the ilvl from 200 to 207, the goal will be to finish all 5+ instances. These can be completed with the boosting companies’ help; you just need to buy WoW Mythic plus boost.

One of the necessary achievements also grants you this special mount. 

If the problematic achievement is obtained, you might upgrade the loot piece using Valor’s points. You can get them from finishing the Covenant Callings or by completing the dungeons. However, there is a weekly cap on these Valor points, so it won’t be possible to grind all the best loot in a week. Probably, the best way to get them without a lot of effort is to buy Mythic +15 boost, or Mythic 15 carry, as these ones will grant you a decent amount of the Valor points for the upgrading of your gear.

Covenant Callings will grant you a certain amount of Valor points.


After all these actions, you may have 220 gear level that is quite enough for conquering even Castle Nathria in Mythic mode. My advice is not to hesitate with the use of boosting and to buy Mythic plus services in the trusted companies. Many of them have controversial reputations, so you need to choose the right one. The 9.0.5 patch should bring lots of changes in the game, including the massive increase in loot management from Mythic plus dungeons. Be prepared for these changes in the best way you can.

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