Sites like Rabbit and Alternatives in 2020

Yes, the best sharing platform is now terminated for some reason that was Rabbit. This was the platform where anyone could see movies, TV shows, anime and other video content online. It helps you to watch anything from a great distance. It reduced the distance problem and connected people strongly. But now Rabbit has closed and it’s users are searching for other sites like Rabbit or alternative of Rabbit. 

Best Alternative Sites like Rabbit

Now you don’t have to worry anymore because here in this article I bring the 10 best alternatives of Rabbit. I think you would forget the need of Rabbit after having these social video sharing platforms.

1. Kosmi

Kosmi application allows you to play games, watch videos, and chit-chat with your friends and unknown persons. You have the freedom to live your life full of enjoyment. Now you are not too far, you are close enough with Kosmi. You have features to stay connected everywhere with everyone.

The application has various features such as:

  • Virtual Rooms: Now you are able to do live chat through webcam/microphone. 
  • SNES/ NES Party: It’s easy to play in a group on Kosmi. It gives you the feature to play in multiplayer. You can play with your friends.
  • Poker: Kosmi gives you freedom to play Poker online. You can play with your friends in a group.
  • OpenArena: Some games provide you to go anywhere in the game, this type of game is called an “Open World” game. Now you are free to wander around the virtual world.
  • Virtual Cartable: A virtual table of cards, it means you can play any card game online at one place.
  • Screenshare: Kosmi gives you an exciting feature of sharing your device’s screen to other members of the group. By screen sharing feature you can share anything you wanna to share.
  • Cowatch: This is the super cool feature of Kosmi. Now you are no longer with your friends and known persons. You can watch videos, movies together at a time through sharing your Kosmi screen with your group member.
  • Lobby: You are free to join any group in the world, and anyone can join your group too.

2. Metastream

Metastream is the best alternative of Rabbit. It allows you to watch videos, movies with anybody, anywhere. It is totally free to use Metastream application. Now start a group and you are ready to share everything that you love to. Metastream is runnable on PC, Android, and iOS.

What & how you get on this platform:

  • Live Together: Simply start a session or join one. When you wanna to start a session easily go to the Start session button and start chatter-box. And if you need to join a group go and push the Join button.
  • Screen Sharing: You don’t need to spare your storage to store a media file. Now you have the feature to share your device’s screen to other members of the group. By screen sharing feature you can share anything you wanna to share.
  • Real-Time Chat: A real time chat makes relationships stronger, no need to wait too long to get a reply. Either you can say it is a live-chat feature.

3. MyCircle TV

MyCircle TV application/ web is an alternative of Rabbit application. I don’t know who would give those features same as Rabbit was offering.  But, MyCircle TV is around Rabbit. You can see online videos, shows and anything online. It does not bound you. This is the unlimited joy. Because, you can see the same content together that your friend or any other person is watching. 

Features of MyCircle TV,

  • Video Sharing: You can share public and private videos with your friends or other persons. It is extremely easy to share Youtube, Vimeo, gdrive, and Dropbox videos.
  • No Login: I love this feature personally. Because, there are no steps to enjoy your own life. You go and get it in a single time. MyCircle TV offers almost all features that a logged in user gets.
  • Extremely Easy: It is that level of easy a novice can use the MyCircle TV application and can share content easily.
  • Audio Chat: Along with the text messaging chat you also get audio chat feature without log in to MyCircle TV. You are able to talk in conference mode.
  • Hassle-Free Invitation:  Now you can send an invitation on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and Mail without signing in.

4. Rave

Rave is the super best alternative of Rabbit. The reliability, networking and online streaming maintain the bond in any relationship. Rave gives you the freedom to watch videos, message anyone, and share everything with everyone. You can talk internationally with anyone. 

Rave supports Android and iOS both. The application also introduced virtual DJ on your smartphone. 

Functionality of Rave:

  • Real Social Life: It is believed that social media only exists in virtual. But in case, I would say you would interact with the real social media life with Rave. It gives you the realistic experience.
  • Social Sharing: Now you can share everything from everywhere. Now it’s not necessary to free up space from your storage to store other stuff. You can share video, music and anything from Youtube, Vimeo, Netflix, Google Drive, Viki, Reddit and from many other social media.
  • Rave DJ:  Rave provides the virtual DJ using artificial intelligence on your smartphone. Rave DJ mix up music & video and make rock mashups of the shared content. 

5. Airtime


Airtime is a super cool social streaming application. This application offers you to stay with your love once. You can do it with live sharing and chatting. Airtime is totally free to use it from everywhere. It supports iOS and Android both. An Android user can download it from Google Play Store and an iOS can download it from App Store.

This application gives the opportunity to express yourself to unknown persons too. It requires your mobile number to get installed on your device. 

Key Feature of Airtime:

  • Live Sharing: This feature gives you a way to enhance your happiness and live with your loving person. You can share anything to anybody. The content can be from Youtube, Vimeo, Netflix and many other social media and media-service providers.
  • Real Time Chat: On Airtime you can do live/ real time chatting. It can be text chit-chat, audio chatting, video calling. Airtime connects human beings and gives them real life.
  • Platform Supports: Airtime works on mostly using operating systems that are Android and iOS. Anybody who holds an Android or iOS can download or share their happy moments with others. 

6. Watch2Gether

Watch2Gether is a platform where you can share and can live life together. It connects people from the heart. You can share video or audio file through social media. 

Chat the whole day with your bestie and loving person. Youtube, SoundCloud, Vimeo and many other social platforms can be shared on Watch2Gether. Here, you can shop together online.

Watch2Gether gives you following rights:

  • Sharing Content: Watch2Gether gives you permission to share any content with your mates. It makes the process very simple. Now you can screen share on Youtube, Vimeo, SoundCloud, and such other social media platforms. 
  • Shop with Friends: You have the integrated technology to shop anything with your mate or friend. Now you don’t need to see one thing to many people several times, it reduces time and makes shopping easy & smart. 
  • Chatting: Live chat (Audio chat, Video chat, Text chat) connects you and your relationships more, it never lets you drop your favorite moments to enjoy with others.

7. AndChill 

&chill is the best alternative of Rabbit. It gives you smooth and fast screen sharing with your mates and friends. &chill always lets you attach with your loving persons.  You don’t need to pay for it, it is a totally free platform of sharing content.

This platform lets you stream video online in a group. You can join a group or can create a group of strangers & friends. There are so many active groups you can be a member of. 

  • Video Streaming: When any disruption makes you frustrated does not leave a good impact on other people. To permanently stop the lacking. &chill gives smooth and fast video streaming without any lack. 
  • Group Connectivity: It is the platform where you can talk with your loved ones and from those who have the same mentality as yours. Join any group you want to be in is the key feature of &chill or just create one where you wanna to include those persons you like most.
  • Share Everything: Now you have 100% power to share any video, movie, and show with your friends. Whatever you wanna to watch or in case of the scenario when you and your mates are far away and want to see a movie, show together. It can be possible through &chill.

8. Netflix Party

Netflix Party is the alternative of Rabbit or can say it is just similar as Rabbit. This platform comes in chrome extension, this feature makes it very cool & special. That is why it can be accessible on any device, you just need to add the Chrome extension of Netflix Party. 

I love this platform personally. It has very unique and special features such as video playback, joining/ creating groups, group chat and HD streaming. The latest version of Netflix Party is 1.7.3. 

  • Join/ Create Room: Netflix party allows you to create a group or join one. It does cost anything to add the Chrome extension. You only have to put the group URL to join the room & create one and share the URL of your group.
  • Group Chat: I like this feature most of Netflix Party. When you and your mate or friends are watching movies/ shows together and a crispy dialogue comes then you can comment or chat in the Group chat section.
  • Stream in HD: Netflix Party streams every video in HD quality. It shows subtle details with perfection.

9. Syncplay

Syncplay allows you to see shows, TV movies, anime and other stuff with your friends & mates. This platform is an alternative of Rabbit. Here you can join a group or can create one. You can chat with unknown persons too along with friends or mates. You can screen share to watch a video together. 

Social sharing is one of the best key features of Syncplay. It does let you to share any movie, anime or any other video content with your partner or friends. 

  • Video Sharing on Social: Now it’s so simple to screen share video and watch everything together. The joy of watching favorite content of a group is the most fascinating thing. I would love to use this platform to watch TV shows, movies and anime with my friends.
  • Live Chatting: Enjoy the best ever live chat with Syncplay. You can do audio chat, text chat, and video call/ chat with your loving persons. It’s super easy from Syncplay to join the community everytime.
  • Community: Now you have the power to make a group or choose one to join. It all depends on your interest. If a group of your friends is already made then simply join it or create one where you can feel relaxed and happy.

10. Sharetube

Share Tube is the alternative of Rabbit. It lets you connect in a group and also gives features to create a group (room). Now you are ready to share any streaming video online from social media platforms like Vimeo, Youtube and other video streaming platforms. 

This platform gives you the freedom to share anything to anyone. Share Tube does not bound you in just a circle; it is a vast platform. You can live your desired life with your loving persons.

  • Create/ Join Room: It is so simple to create a group on Share Tube. You only have to put a name of your room and then type username. Or if you wanna to join a group then you can go with Join button.
  • Group Chat: Share Tube also gives you a feature to chat in a group and share with your loving persons. It connects you with strangers too. 
  • Share Everything: This platform let you share anything to anyone on Youtube, Vimeo, SoundCloud and some other social media and streaming platforms. 


Here I guided you to choose the best site for screen sharing & chatting online. Now it all depends on you to pick one. In my opinion, I would love to choose Netflix Party. Because it provides the Group Chat option along with the Video Playback. You can chat at the time of watching a movie/show. The best thing is you get the High-Definition (HD) video quality to watch.

Dharmesh is Co-Founder of TechnoFizi and a passionate blogger. He loves new Gadgets and Tools. He generally covers Tech Tricks, Gadget Reviews etc in his posts. Beside this, He also work as a SEO Analyst at TechnoFizi Solutions.


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