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Since its start, Instagram has only soared to greater heights. It reached the two billion active users mark while expanding at the fastest rate ever recorded for a social media platform. Despite being primarily considered as a lifestyle photo-sharing app, Instagram has impacted the world of technology massively.

Instagram has redefined the meaning of social media engagement. The astronomical success of Instagram has seen the conception of influencers turn into a reality. Often termed as micro or quasi-celebrities, these users promote and recommend goods or services to their immense network of followers.

While there is no eligibility test for one take to become insta-famous or an influential Instagrammer, but it is not easy to become one because there are already millions who are doing the same thing.

If you want to become an Instagram influencer, it is a must to build a follower base. It needs to be loyal and engaging in your brand. Here, you will know how to create winning Instagram content. The practices listed below will help you to make and edit Instagram videos like a pro.

Let’s dig into the details.

1. Share Your Experiences:

Those who are investing millions of hours on this platform are searching for visual experiences- that can be compelling or engaging.

You will have to realize what your audience is looking for and then cater to it. It’s crucial that you focus on your experiences than your content and services- this will rapidly gain an audience.

2. Understand Your Audience:

It is impossible to meet the whole community. Instead, attend to those who look promising and are responding to your content consistently.

This could lead you to achieve better reviews than pushing your content in all directions for unconditional approval. Once you have discovered your audience, start providing them with suitable content.

3. Produce Creative Content:

The most effective way of producing creative content is by hiring local talents. There’s always plenty of local talent in every city that is looking for exposure and recognition. Search for online website to make ads for your campaigns as well.

4. Tap Into The Emotion:

Quality content can gain you bucket loads of follower engagement. But if you can tap into the emotion of your followers, you will see exponential success. When you communicate with your followers via emotional content, you relate to them, and you join them.

5. Crowdsourced:

It is tough to balance your content quality while maintaining a steady consistency. Hence you should consider crowdsourcing once in a while as well.

Ask your followers to post relevant content under your made-up hashtags. This will allow them to feel engaged while you penetrate your followers’ audience.

6. Share Stories:

Retaining your existing audience is as vital as getting a new audience. Try to integrate relevant narratives into your content to stand out from other content creators. Instagram continues to introduce options like new filters and interactive reactions to stories that can encourage further engagement among its users.

7. Stay Relatable:

You should always keep your content relatable and relevant to get more engagement. Try searching for trending topics and subjects that can resonate with your audience. Relatable content gathers more shares than anything else.

8. Engage Your Audience:

Another smart move would be to ask your followers to participate in their original content in your Instagram contests to win rewards.

This will also contribute to your content engagement, as well. It would help if you also had contest deadlines to push your audience into taking instant participation.

People invest a considerable amount of daily time on Instagram, which has led to subtle yet huge impacts on their lives. The photo-sharing app has introduced subgenres, created business models while rebooting several market industries as well.

Hence, it should not be misjudged as a platform for artists, designers, and photographers only- Considerable study on the app can get anybody results.

Technical hacks for Instagram

Here’s a list of technical hacks that can provide tremendous success on the platform.

  1. Smart Implementation Of One Link: Instagram does not permit its user to insert links to their posts or multiple links in their bios. Therefore, the user needs to play smart with the limited space. Creating a bespoke landing page for the followers can help massively in this regard.
  2. Plan Your Posts: People on platforms like Instagram consume content on a routine basis- meaning they need a consistent supply. Hence, one must cash in on that promise by planning (or scheduling their posts) to maintain a constant presence online. While the IG app does not offer an option to schedule posts, there are alternatives on the internet.
  3. Get Innovative With Hashtags: The IG app allows its users to include thirty hashtags per post. While this can be a tad boring, there are great rewards for it. It is best recommended to study the best and effective hashtags going around to use them later.
  4. Brand Up: Instagram allows its users to create their feed, meaning they can choose to follow whoever and how many they like. It is easy to influence a personalized news feed as the people already have the user’s preference for it. Use color palettes while sharing content to develop a signature.
  5. Optimize Your Account: Growing an audience takes more time on IG than friends and family. Use the app’s Explore section effectively, along with the hashtags to appear on that browsing page. This way, your content will be reaching more people for engagement.
  6. Use IGTV: One of the latest yet most useful features in the app, this, as the acronym suggests, is Instagram TV- your dedicated section for video content. Your audience can learn more about your content and services by watching your videos every day.


Instagram has completely changed the advertising game for brands and their products. Companies are now strategically picking and choosing influencers for product endorsements- thereby enabling them to cash in on their readymade follower family. Bypassing the traditional advertising route has gained these companies a sustainable online presence.

People invest a considerable amount of daily time on Instagram, which has led to subtle yet huge impacts on their lives. Yet, it is tough to build an Instagram following in modern times. It is a comprehensive visual platform where marketing campaigns are primarily relying on spectacular images.

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