Tennis court Standard Dimensions, Measurements and Net height Size

Tennis court Standard Dimensions, Measurements and Net height Size

Tennis Court Dimensions And Net Height Size

Would you like to know more about tennis sport then you must be look at here because i am presenting Tennis court dimensions in feet, meters, and net height size each and everything about tennis game. Normally tennis is played in different surfaces like Grass, clay and hard courts. Even sometimes they use carpet for indoor play. Tennis is a worldwide most famous spectator sport. There are four major grand slams tournaments especially popular like US open, Australian, French open and Wimbledon. There are two types of team members one is single team and other one is doubles team. The most necessary equipment’s are tennis ball and tennis racquet. Basically Tennis ball will make with hallow rubber with felt coating and the ball weight between 56.0 and 59.4 grams.  The tennis racquet should be generally uniform and flat and the area of the hitting ball must be 29 inches in length and 12.5 inches width  not more than that. Here i will give tennis court dimensions and net height size.

tennis court dimensions

Tennis Court Dimensions

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Tennis court Standard Dimensions, Measurements and Size

The complete rules and court dimensions are too extensive. Here I will give full information about tennis court dimensions or measurements.  Basically it had divided into three lines such as like baseline, Sideline, Service line. Would you like to know then follow here?

Tennis Court Dimensions in Feet

Tennis court dimensions are very unique as compare to other court dimensions. Especially the court shape will be like rectangular or flat surface. The court dimensions are like 27 feet wide and 78 feet long for singles matches. The doubles matches court dimension is 36 feet.

  Tennis Court Measurements in Meters

There is a so much difference between feet and meter. The court dimensions are 8.23 meters wide and 23.77 meters long for singles matches and 10.97 meters for double matches.

Tennis Net Height and Dimensions

Basically tennis players are separated by a net. The net is stretched out with across the full width of the court, and then further divided into two equal ends, parallel with baseline. This net is tie up with metal cable or cord the height must be 0.8 cm 1/3 inch. The net dimensions are 3 feet 6 inches and 1.067 meters high at the posts and the center line should be 3 feet in 0.914 meters. It’s same as the outdoor double match and outdoor single match the dimension will be 3 feet in 0.914 meters.

Base line

The line that describe the width of the court line is called baseline. even it called as like farthest back. Each baseline has further divided into half by a center mark. The dimensions of baseline are 10 cm of parallel and long to the single sidelines and 10 cm of width. The distance between baseline and backstops are 6.04 meters. The minimum distance between baseline and side stops are 5.48 meters.

Service line

The middle of the court line is called service line. Service line is between the two side lines of 6.04 meters this is parallel to the net. The center service line have both sides of the net and this line further divided into two equal parts of center service line and it called as like service court. This center service line is parallel to the single sideline then its goes half by them.

I hope now you get some idea about tennis court dimensions in both meters and feet. These  measurements even helpful for tennis players and creating new tennis court. These are the standard dimensions we cannot change.


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