The Best Methods to Obtain Monetary Income Playing Online Videogames

Videogames are now an important part of many people’s lives around the world, because this hobby can offer all kinds of good experiences to their consumers and they also manage to hook them for many hours with their gameplay. Thanks to this, this industry has grown exponentially in recent years, to become one of the most lucrative entertainment industries today.

Many videogames even have their own virtual economies where large amounts of real money from players are constantly circulating. Taking that into account, it can be said that videogames have gone from being a simple form of entertainment, to become an excellent business where anyone can be part of, either by participating in the virtual economies, or as a gamer who knows and enjoys videogames.

That said, here are three popular and recommended methods of making good money as a simple online videogame player. It is worth mentioning that these methods require a lot of effort and dedication in order to become a stable source of income that can generate enough profits to be able to sustain itself financially.

Get affiliation in Twitch 

Twitch has been constantly gaining enormous popularity and success to become the most successful Streaming platform today. Among all the excellent features that Twitch offers its users (both viewers and Streamers), one of the most outstanding is its affiliate plan, which can provide great monetary returns to the Streamers who participate in it. 

First of all, to be a Twitch videogame Streamer you need to have the necessary devices: A video camera, a PC to transmit (should be relatively powerful if the games are also run on this), a videogame console (if you need it to run the games) and a good Internet connection. It could also be added that it is recommended to have an attractive, charismatic and authentic personality that can amuse the players during the long Streams.

In order to become a Twitch affiliate, your channel must reach a minimum of 50 subscribers and perform Streams that accumulate 500 continuous minutes during a week. The most difficult thing of all will definitely be to get the subscribers, so you have to spend a lot of time promoting your channel through social networks, or even during the online games of some videogame.

Create a Blog about online videogames and monetize it

Another popular method that is always recommended to obtain income with videogames is to create a Blog about it. Creating a Blog allows us to share any topic that interests us or also help others with our experiences, while we obtain considerable income and make ourselves known on the Internet.

However, creating a blog is a task that requires a lot of previous effort and also a certain investment, since in addition to hiring someone to help us create the website (which is the most recommended), you also need to pay monthly hosting for the blog. In addition, you must constantly create attractive content so that the blog can become monetized with advertising.

The Blog can focus on a specific game franchise, or also on a genre such as First Person Shooter, Battle Royale, MMORPG, among others. The important thing is to choose a type of content that we know well and that can attract a large audience. In a blog based on videogames we can publish guides, reviews, videos related to a game, or any other interesting option.

If you manage to get a significant amount of visitors and constantly publish quality content, it is very possible that the blog will end up attracting sponsors, or even videogame companies, which may offer accessories, games, or affiliate links. In addition, depending on the interest of the audience, it is even possible to obtain a lot of income by selling your own products related to videogames.

Having said that, it should be clarified that this method is the one that requires more dedication, but it is also the one that provides the best benefits, that is because the Blog can generate a great amount of traffic that can be quite profitable when you want to obtain income in other ways.

Sell virtual Currencies or virtual goods in gaming marketplaces

This very popular method nowadays consists in dedicating some hours to an online videogame (especially those of the genre MMO and MMORPG), until you manage to obtain great amounts of your virtual currency, or some of your rare items to later put them on sale in some reliable gaming marketplaces like

This method can provide quite significant revenues depending on the effort applied, since the profits will be proportional to the amount of products that can be sold. To begin with, it is best to choose an MMO or MMORPG that we enjoy a lot and that also has a huge amount of players, such as RuneScape, Final Fantasy XIV, Black Desert Online, among many others. This is because the greater the number of players that have the game, the greater the possibility of selling our products quickly.

It is also important to consider that in order to obtain the large amounts of virtual currencies that are needed to sell, it is necessary to dedicate all the hours of gameplay in constantly carrying out activities where it is possible to obtain such currency or in other words, it is necessary to dedicate hours in farming. On the other hand, rare items can be sold at a higher price than virtual currencies, but they are harder to get and you will have to perform other tasks in the game to get them. For that reason, it is recommended that this method be done by those who really enjoy playing MMO and MMORPG videogames, since that way they can invest all the necessary hours without feeling tedious quickly.

As mentioned above, the most recommended marketplace to sell virtual currencies or items that are obtained, is the, because this website has an extremely reliable and secure platform where all sales are safeguarded until the buyer pays the product and the seller delivers the agreed. For that reason, is also a good site to acquire the virtual currency of our favorite MMO games at the best prices, for example, if we want to buy Black Desert online Silver or best Runescape items, then this website will show the best offers that fit our needs.

It is hoped that these methods will be very helpful for those enthusiastic players who wish to earn large amounts of money while enjoying their favorite online videogames, stressing that there is no easy path and that dedication is what will define the success we can achieve.

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