The Need for Digital Skilling Road Map in Today’s Corporate!

Technology today plays an unprecedented role in almost all sectors of our life. It has revolutionized nearly all segments like governmental functioning, manufacturing, banking, health industry, fashion, and even media. 

Technology is the application of scientific knowledge to simplify problems and outthink solutions. It enables innovations to improvise and advance the lives of people throughout the world.  

Technology also strives to enhance economic growth by developing the business world. Digital business has seen a rise in the last few years on account of comprehensive advancements, research, and innovations, thus providing practical solutions to growing business needs.

In today’s competitive business world, technology plays a predominant role in building a stronger business process to deliver cutting edge performance with superior quality and utmost efficiency. Recent advancements like cloud technology, artificial intelligence, Blockchain, or even cybersecurity have extended the dimension and scope of business to an unbelievable extent. 

Now storing, retrieving, and processing confidential and sensitive data is easy and secure. Sophisticated custom software is developed to cater to specific business needs, thus optimizing productivity while delivering superior quality. Project management professional, resource management professionals, data management professionals imply various methodologies inventing and re-inventing the business development strategies and taking possibilities to new heights. 

Lack of Road Map – Clear Vision and Strategy 

While technology has unparalleled importance in business, around 87% of companies agreed that digital skilling is important, and surprisingly, 65% of companies still lack an actionable and reliable roadmap to digital skilling. This digital skilling gap prevails due to various internal and external pressures and complexities faced during the transformation process. 

Absence of a skilled workforce, resistance from the middle management, improper execution, and lack of adequate resources are the most contributing factors in the hindrance of digital up-skilling. 

Adding to the above, unclear and inefficient strategy thinking can get damaging and disruptive to any business advancement, and visionary foresee. Building a strategic vision to achieve digitalization and preceding the traditional and conventional approach is critical, and companies need to embrace the significance of design thinking and strategy making. 

The Impactor Benefits of Digital Skilling – 

  • More Efficient Business – Technological interface augments efficiency and quality. The various software and applications make work easier and faster, thus increasing productivity and efficiency. 
  • Higher Accuracy – A large amount of data is analyzed and processed daily to enable critical decision making. These numbers need to be accurate to ensure the right trend or output is derived, and correct strategies are designed. 
  • Forecasting and Staying Competitive – Evaluating competitive trends, market conditions, and sales forecasts are critical for any business to stay abreast of. The availability of various data on the internet, storage, or sophisticated customer software enables companies to increase business agility, rationalize redundancies, and achieve economies of scale. It’s imperative to have a plan in place to protect this information, and the benefits of a records management program are far greater than legal compliance. It’s also a good option to increase productivity.
  • Better Output and Innovative solutions – Technology integration thrives innovative methods and ways to the business process. New and original ideas and solutions are created which streamlines and improvise operations and delivering superior customer experience.

Few Steps to bridge the Digital Skilling Gap – 

Absence or weak technical skilling may work as a drawback in a company’s growth and development. While the company’s lag in this sphere, there are simple and effective ways to build upon this essential component. 

  • Create a Team – Creating a team to embrace and encourage technological integration is extensively helpful.  This team can continuously thrive on inventing diverse, on-demand, and emerging ideas and processes to bring in the architectural process. 
  • Invest in Skills Resources –   Investing time and budget on hiring skilled workforce and training existing staff can go a long way. This would also reduce the resistance the management may have towards any changes in the operational methods and bring in higher engagement and motivation.
  • Be aware of the market trends – Adopting ideas and solutions already in the market may not be a bad idea. It is not necessary to always invent the wheel which is already in existence. Hence, keeping abreast of the market situation and the latest technologies can help in implementing tried and tested methods and avoiding any risks. 
  • Embracing technology and be open to change – Change is an inevitable process. And embracing developments can be the wisest choice in the dynamic and competitive world. Business leaders who opt to embrace the changing technology, leverage the benefits, witness company growth, and achieve higher results. 
  • Constant vigilance and regular evaluation – This step is most often ignored or missed out. While complex technology is implemented, it is essential to keep attention on the feasibility and rightness of the process. What this means is, we need to make sure that the digital change brought in should be correct for the business and must be delivering better results. Also, the leaders must keep a watch on the need to make further changes or alterations as per the changing market conditions. 

Final Note – 

In short, technology and digitalization have integrated with the culture so much that on one side, every company is aiming to come out with innovative and new solutions. On the other hand, technology itself is changing and getting more and more complex. 

Technology provides new opportunities and enhances economic growth. A wide range of comforts and sophisticated devices, machinery, and gadgets are available today owing to the accelerating knowledge and digital know-how. Companies are recognizing the need to go digital and collaborating with this growing trend in the quest for excellence and growth. Essential steps are taken to draw the roadmap of digital skilling in organizations and carve the way to success.  

Strategy making, design thinking, marketing planning, workforce management, effective communication, data security, and strengthening the company brand can be overachieved or elevated with just one element – Digital Skilling. Simplilearn will improve your skill.

Go Digital and take your business Ahead! 

Dharmesh is Co-Founder of TechnoFizi and a passionate blogger. He loves new Gadgets and Tools. He generally covers Tech Tricks, Gadget Reviews etc in his posts. Beside this, He also work as a SEO Analyst at TechnoFizi Solutions.


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