The usage of the internet for work and pleasure is increasing exponentially. Apart from being on social media sites, catching up with friends, one big avenue has opened up on the net and that is streaming music and movies. Netflix, amazon prime, Spotify, Deezer, sound cloud and the likes have seen increased subscriptions. But the biggest issue with these streaming sites is the availability of the internet for them to work. No internet, no streaming. 

Many subscribers of these streaming websites do not have access to the internet all the time for various reasons. And there is a need to access these entertaining movies/songs when the internet is not available.


AUDIALS has very well understood this need for the present-day netizen. They have come out with windows software, which is 100% legal, to download the content from these streaming sites, on to your device and watch them later, even without the internet. 

It is really a state of art technology software, with lots of user-friendly features. It uses the features and capabilities of the processor of the device on which it works and this provides great quality and speed. 

Audials can be used to download music, movies, serials, audiobooks, podcast, online radio and any other content which is available on the streaming sites. 


Audials can access and download songs of any genre, of any artist, or any album from any of the streaming sites.

The most popular ones being Spotify, Deezer, Tidal, Apple music and more like shown in the adjoining image.

For videos, it can download from Netflix, Hulu, Amazon video and other popular videos/movie streaming sites.

All leading news, podcast and audiobook site are available with Audials.

Over 100,000 radio stations from all over the world and over 350,000 podcasts are available on Audials. 

The reach and scope of AUDIALS 2020 are unmatchable.


Audial claims of downloading at up to 15 times the normal speed of downloading. This may vary from site to site. Any number of parallel downloading can be done.

Drag and drop convenience is available to download audio/video. The Radio Jockey chatter on online radio sometimes gets too irritating and messes with normal downloading software. But Audials automatically removes the RJ presentation and any other advertisement audio from the song and downloads uncontaminated songs. 

The downloaded media is “finished” in every sense and does not need any further editing.

The media is downloaded in top ultra HD, HiFi or master quality and Audials supports all the popular audio formats and the downloaded songs can be converted to any desired format to make it compatible with any other device.

It supports over 100 formats of videos, the popular ones being EMV, MP4, PEG4, AVI, 3GP, 3G2, FLV, MKV, MOV, H.264 and so on.

The videos can be downloaded in any format and later converted into any other format as desired, using Audials converter.


Audials has incorporated a high-end MUSIC MANAGER and TAG EDITOR to organize the media either on the personal computer, or cloud or any other device.

As the song gets downloaded, relevant cover and lyric also get downloaded and are integrated with the song.

Similarly, whenever a movie/video is downloaded, the movie description, details of actors, producers and the like are also stored along with the video.

The subtitles, also get downloaded and when you play the downloaded media, the subtitles would work as it did while streaming.

As the collection increases, chances of duplicity and redundancy increase. The Media Manager detects all duplicates and can delete them. 

The downloaded media, whether audio/video can be classified and stored taking into consideration the genre or the artist, or the site from where you got it or maybe according to date or you can create your own customized AUDIALS PLAYLIST.


With AUDIALS, wish list can be created and, as and when any of the streaming sites gets that media, it will get downloaded in the background and saved on your PC.

The media stored in AUDIALS can be transferred from the PC to any other device wirelessly, through the cloud.

Imagine watching season1 of some series and you liked it, you can set the audials in such a way, that when the later seasons come, they would be automatically downloaded and neatly stored in a dedicated folder.

If you desire, you can burn CDs and DVDs from the saved media.

Looking back to the previous versions of Audials, this version has bettered itself, taking into account the user’s feedback. Download speeds have revved up, and the quality of download has also improved substantially. Media management along with the cloud option makes the post download experience smooth and hassle-free.

The user interface needs little concentration and focus to use. But once you get a feel of it, the functionality of the console is good, though not so user-friendly.

Audials has its radio app in the play store and apple store

A free demo version is available at

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