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TJ MAXX Policy Return

TJ Maxx is an American mercantile establishment chain, which sells at costs typically not up to different major similar stores. It has quite 1,000 stores within the United States, creating it one of the biggest vesture retailers in the country. Moreover, it is the flagship chain of the TJX Companies as well.

So, in case you have shopped something from them or are planning to do so, then know about their return policy first. The return policy would give you some understanding of how and should you either buy something or not. So, go through this whole article to know about everything. 

What Items Are Not Acceptable? 

Before you return a product that you bought from them, you should know if it comes under the list of acceptable or not. Since they have a list of items that they accept as a return, you should follow it as well. 

So, here is the list of the items that they will not accept, so check it out – 

  • The gift items cannot be given back in exchange for cash
  • Any merchandise that appears to have been used will not be taken back as well just like other companies’ return policy. 
  • Products such as swimwear and underwear should always be priced means they should have the tags on otherwise they would not be accepted
  • If you have a product that you bought from the offline TJ Maxx store, you will need to return it back to the offline store itself because offline sold products are not acceptable in TJ Maxx online return policy.For that, you will need a store locator to locate the nearby TJ Maxx store to return the products.
  • The products which have exceeded the worth of $1000 can also be not returned in-store. 
  • Lastly, along with the upper point, female bags worth over $500 are also not returnable. 

What is the Tenure of Return?

Since all the companies have a time period under which they accept the return and give back the money, so does TJMaxx have. Their return period lasts up to 30 days (a month) from the date of purchase. 

So, try to not cross that limit if you want your money in a form of cash and not store credit. 

What Role does a Receipt play in their Return Policy? 

Once you cross the return time period, then either you have the receipt or you do not have it, your money would be credited as a store credit only. 

If you want to make the return quickly and in an easier way, then it is suggested that you keep the receipt intact with you. 

Although the receipt is not a necessity that you need to keep with you in order to have your money back, it would be better if you do. 

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What Comes Under Their Policy? 

The complete policy apart from the information that we have already added are – 

Apart from those 30 days, If a check was applied to purchase the item, a 10 Day waiting amount is needed for the money. 

Moreover, in case of returning jewellry, it should be done at the jewellry counter of TJ Maxx stores that carry aforesaid items. 

Now, because of dishonest activity throughout retail stores, TJ Maxx holds the proper to limit or decline returns supported by their refund verification system. 

Contact data in addition to a photo ID and your signature are needed for all returns that don’t embrace a receipt (or gift receipt). 

Moreover, they will also require client signatures for returns that do have a receipt. 

Continually keep your receipt to form the comeback method easier and faster. 

How Can You Make a Return? 

TJ Maxx Return

After all the information, you should now know about how you can make one. 

So, firstly, you need to bring the items back to the official store along with your shipping email, receipt, and the slip that you got with the product. 

Now, either you return directly to the store, or you can do it via mail which will cost you a few dollars, but make sure to do it within the time period. 

What do they Have for Exchanges? 

TJ maxx Return policy

If you do not want to return, but want an exchange, then know that they do not provide the actual exchange to the online orders which you are returning via the mail system. It is because of the ever-changing online inventory. 

To know more about their return policy visit this official return policy link and get set for easy returns.


So, these were some necessary points that you need to know about.  Now, at the end of this article, we hope you liked it and found it helpful as well to the best of your needs. 

We have added all the necessary information that you needed to know about. So, we hope that everything is clear to you now and you have no doubts left as well. 


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