Top 5 Beautiful Female Hackers of the world

“Beauty with brain” whenever you think of it or hear it somewhere all you think of is a girl with rear combination. It is just like watermelon without seeds or you can say it is as tough as finding uranium and titanium on earth. So here we are again with something technological as well is interesting.

We’re gonna tell you about top five sexy female hackers who hold the title of “beauty of brain”. So we are talking about hacking here. The word is itself illegal but still one the trendy topic of all times. Its craze is never down. Always stays on top. Technologically speaking hacking is the process of finding weakness in computer or computer network. Hacking includes playfulness, excellence,  intelligence, cleverness and the utmost thing exploring new things. Hacking is classified in many ways for example computer hacking, cell phone hacking, network hacking etc. now we introduce you to top five female hackers with beauty.[sociallocker id=”8684″]

1: Anna Chapman AKA Russian Spy Anna Chapman

She ranks Ist amongst all female hackers. The first most sexy female hacker. Born on 23rd feburary 1982 in Russia. Currently living in New York city. Got arrested in 2010 because of interest in illegal programs. She was also involved in a conspiracy of playing a role of spy for other foreign country without providing any proper notification to US attorney general.


2:Xiao Tian

She stands on number five on the list. Owns her hacker group of girls. Only 19 years old and already excellent in her work. Known for hacking the most secure sites. She is also a professional teacher for hacking stream.

Xiao Tian


3: Adeanna Cooke

On number two we have Adeanna Cooke. She is a super model. She is specialized for sexy Photoshoots. She had some mean friends who uploaded her photos on internet just to earn some money. When she came to know about it without lodging any complaint to cops, she herself hacked the website and took lead in hand. Concluded to be brave and attractive.


4:Ying Cracker

Stand third in the row. Professionally she is a teacher in shanghai. Her subject is hacking and some other stuff too. She is also nicknamed as “cracker” because she teaches people how to crack softwares.

Ying Cracker

5: Kristina Svechinskaya

She is most hottest and sexy one. Super sexy with seductive figure. She has hacked US and British banks and earned more than million dollars. Got arrested soon.


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