Top 5 Best Free Zapier Alternatives to Automate Tasks

For all business owners, Zapier is a perfect tool to synchronize between a trigger and action. If you get a mail in your inbox, you need a notification for that. The notification can be availed with the help of Zapier tool. It is going to integrate the full activity for you. This is the service that you ask your web developer to provide you. The service that the developer will be providing you is really costly. To make it cost effective, you can always use Zapier. It is designed with all essential services, with the help of which, you can give an extended support for your clients. It is a paid app and you might be looking for some alternatives to Zapier. Here are the top open source Zapier alternatives for your use.

zapier alternative

Top 5 Best Zapier Alternative Apps

1. IF by IFTTT

IF, simple name is the significance and the resemblance of the simplicity of this tool. It is developed by IFTTT and is perfect for your web functioning and synchronizations. It is the app of web developer’s choice. So, feature it out and use the open-source program. It is developed for Android and iPad users specially. So, integrate your Android app with the tool and get the support effectively. You can also check IFTTT Alternatives.


2. Skyvia

This is a tool that is completely web based and there is no need of coding. So you can use it by yourself only. However, the tool is supported with Android devices and even with MAC systems. Windows phones and web-based support is also there in the app, where data is integrated without any sort of coding. If you are willing to get an integration support, without the help of a developer, try out this app. Official Site.


3. Cloud HQ

This one is a perfect alternative, but there is a certain limitation in the usage of this tool. This is not at all a free app and it is used to synchronize the top web applications only. It is not meant for Android devices or any other smartphones. Thus this site is only for the access of the web developers and professionals.

Cloud HQ

4. Wappwolf Automator

This is again a tool that is only meant for the web purpose. It is not meant for use with any smartphones. The app is free, but the work that has to be done, behind the app screen, to integrate the functions with web applications is not the task of an unprofessional. If you are running a web developing business, it will be a nice tool for you to integrate the tools.

Wappwolf Automator

5. Huginn

This one is an open source app, that is going to integrate all the tools online. You will just have to go through the videos and learn how to integrate them. There is no need of coding or any other expertise to use this free tool You can do it yourself and can provide a perfect integration of tools, for your clients.


All the tools, stated above are excellent for your personal and professional use. Some of them are freeware and some are paid. Most of the apps are meant for developers only, but there some, which you can use it on your own. Check those and apply it for your clients.

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