9 Reliable Ways to Track My Child’s Phone without Them Knowing

Are you concerned about your son’s or daughter’s behaviour lately? Do you feel your child has been secretive with their cell phone or they are up to something knavish? Such cases can cause any caring parent to have sleepless nights.

With increasing threats from online scammers, it’s essential to find ways to monitor your children’s phones. In this article, we have nine reliable methods to track your kid’s phone without being noticed.

Besides, all these apps are easy to use, and no technical expertise is needed.

Part 1: Spyic – The Best Phone Spying Solution

Among the top parental phone monitoring apps available today is Spyic. It offers incredible elements that have made it recognized worldwide. Over a million customers from 190+ countries are relying on Spyic’s distinctive capabilities.

Being the most potent spy tool, Spyic has featured in major media companies including Life Wire and 9to5Mac. It comes with 35+ specific features that allow you to invade into your child’s smartphone undetected.

Spyic offers full access to your child’s movements and provides all needed data to analyze their actions accurately. You can deploy it in Android with OS version 4.0 to the latest or iOS version 7.0 and above.

If your kid’s device runs iOS, you don’t have to jailbreak or alter it. Spyic works via the iCloud feature. There’s no app download or installation required since everything is conducted remotely. You only need the child’s iCloud details.

In case of an Android phone, there’s no rooting required. Here, you need one-time physical access to your kid’s gadget to download and install Spyic’s app. The lightweight app is 2MB in size and doesn’t consume much battery power.

Getting started with Spyic takes less than 5 minutes. After the quick setup, activate stealth mode for it to run silently in the background. You can opt to uninstall the app using the single-click button in your online dashboard. 

Spyic is entirely online and has a user-friendly interface that works with any web browser. It makes it easy to track your child’s phone GPS location from any place. Also, you can read their messages, access media files, monitor social media, check emails, view call logs etc.

You will love Spyic due to its strict privacy and information security policies. Spyic doesn’t cache any of your/child’s data on its servers. All results are synchronized, so you get them in real-time as they happen. This way, nobody can retrieve any obtained results.  

“Can I track my child’s phone without them knowing?” Spyic will sort the parents who need the answers. Spyic offers incredible features at the most affordable prices. If you still doubting, go ahead and try out Spyic’s free live demo to have a feel of how it works.

How to Use Spyic to Monitor your Child’s Phone Without Them Suspecting

Step 1: Visit Spyic’s website and create a new account with your email ID. Choose your kid’s device OS then proceed to pay for a subscription plan.

Step 2: Follow the on-screen guidelines to configure Spyic automatically.

2(a) For iOS devices, enter your child’s iCloud username and password. Verify then wait for configuration, and you are good to go.

2(b) To track an Android phone, use the prompted link to download and install the Spyic app. Upon completion of the setup, remember to activate stealth mode.

Step 3: After configuration, hit the start button to access your online dashboard and view the child’s phone summary.

Step 4: On the left-side menu of your control panel, you will see all of Spyic’s unique features. Go to the location tab to track your kid’s phone location. You will get live location updates along with timestamps.

Part 2: Spying on your Kid’s Device Secretly Using Spyier

In the second position, we have Spyier phone monitoring solution since it’s a trustworthy brand with a good reputation. It’s 100% discreet and compatible with both iOS and Android variants. It helps you track your child’s phone without rooting or jailbreaking it. 

Part 3: Monitor your Child’s Phone without Them Knowing with Minspy

Minspy is another large phone spying package that you can use to track your kid. It contains unmatched features that allow you to spy on your child without being noticed. All data syncs to your online account, and no one, including tech experts, can view it once you log out.

Part 4: Track your Child’s Cell Phone Using Spyine

Use Spyine phone spy app to spy on your son’s or daughter’s mobile phone without them suspecting. You can monitor all their phone happenings, including viewing media files, reading messages and tracking their internet activities. Spyine is a safe and secure spy solution.

Part 5: Use Neatspy to Monitor your Kid’s Phone Remotely

You can also spy on your child’s device remotely and discreetly using Neatspy. By employing its unique cutting-edge technology, Neatspy uses stealth mode operation to run silently in the background of your kid’s phone. You can even hide the app icon to remain undetected.

Part 6: ClickFree – Your Child’s Top Tracking Solution

Designed for all your monitoring requirements, ClickFree is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. It lets you spy on your kid without them knowing or having a clue. Its 2MB app is lightweight and doesn’t drain much battery power in Android.

In iOS, it requires no download or installation.

Part 7: Conveniently Spy on your Kid’s Gadget with Spyzie

Spyzie is structured to help you achieve all your spying needs. It can help you do surveillance on your child’s phone call logs, check contact list, monitors social apps etc. The software is easy to set up and has a user-friendly interface.

Part 8: SecureTeen – The Ultimate Parental Control Tool

Recently, there’s been an increase in cyberbullying cases. To be able to protect your teenage child from these online predators, you need a reliable and safe app.

SecureTeen offers you the best spy services for your kids, including screen time management, web filtering etc.

Part 9: Remotely Monitor your Child’s Phone with FoneMonitor  

FoneMonitor application is the final spy solution in our list. As one of the forefront apps of the phone surveillance niche, this tool has helped millions of customers globally.

You can use it to track your kid’s device activities without needing any special skills.


With these nine reliable ways to monitor your child, you now have an idea of what to use. Besides tracking kids, you can use these apps in relationships and work situations.

The most exciting part is that when you use Spyic, it will do all the monitoring without any suspicions.

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