Top 10 Tutor Management Softwares

The world is becoming more prone to circumstances that keep on changing the trajectory of how we live our lives. We have changed how we work, eat, and meet up. But most important of all, we have witnessed emerging trends in education every new day.

Modes of learning shifted from physical classrooms to online meeting rooms for students ranging from kindergarten to post-doctorate. As a tutor, you might have struggled with the complex, inconvenient and limited options available for teaching online, isn’t it?

So, this article is here to introduce you to platforms customized for managing your tutoring job and fulfilling all your needs!

10 best tutor management software

Here are some of the best software to which you can shift all your teaching-related work. Thus, have a look!


Instead of running multiple software for one purpose, provides a comprehensive platform through which you can manage every single aspect of your tutoring business.

Video calls for classes and PTA meetings, customizable calendars for class scheduling, payment portals for timely fee management, and other tools for class documentation and student database organization are just a few of its features.

Thus, Missed is considered the perfect tutoring management software for educators to enhance their teaching experience.

  1. Squarespace

Squarespace has already been popular for its website creation and business management tools.

Its Acquity software is an online booking and management tool packed with features supporting small businesses like teachers or tutoring companies.

Meeting scheduling, canceling, rescheduling, and sending out emails get smooth with Squarespace’s Acuity.

  1. Vcita

To help achieve the purpose of cut-down paperwork, Vcita introduced an online platform specifically for tutoring businesses.

Its features don’t leave any stone unturned and let you focus on teaching and your students. From a user-friendly billing portal to class scheduling and student tracking tools, Vcita has everything you might need.

  1. Pearl

Another great tutor management software is Pearl. Teaching doesn’t just involve interacting with students but also their parents, higher authorities of the institute you work for, and many others.

So, with this software’s simple yet effective user management feature, you can easily manage all of these.

Besides, you can also experience the real classroom in the virtual mode with its screen-sharing and shared whiteboard features.

  1. TakeLessons

This platform has existed since 2006 that started as a place for connecting tutors for music lessons. But now, they offer software for all kinds of lessons, from arts to academics.

TakeLessons is a very convenient platform for teachers and students who can create personalized profiles, make calendars according to their schedules, and much more to leverage the e-learning experience.

  1. TutorBird

While looking for an online tutoring platform, budget is important for you to decide on the best one.

TutorBird offers all the needful features in one platform in affordable plans and provides value for money.

From organizing classrooms to managing employees of your tutoring business, this software will not leave you disappointed in any way.

  1. Vectera

Educators love this software. One of the reasons for that is the ease of using Vectera; it can even be used by those who are technologically challenged.

Well, not all of us are great at computers, regardless of how automated the world has become. But Vectera holds your hand through the process with its easy-to-tackle features that can create conference rooms and meeting links just in a few clicks.

  1. LearnSpeed

This software provides you with all business-related tools that any tutoring company or enterprise requires.

It has features for tracking students’ attendance, managing calendars, planning class sessions, and smooth scheduling of appointments. A collaborative whiteboard is also available for a fruitful interactive class.

  1. CoachAccountable

Automation software is primarily used for the purpose of increased productivity, and CoachAccountable gives you just that!

The software has many trackers for monitoring the accomplishment of goals, learning parameters, etc., which make you aware of your progress as a tutor.

It motivates you and lets you know where you stand and in which direction you should take your classes.

  1. Schedulista

Last but not least, Scedulista is another platform that simplifies all the tasks involved in your tutoring process.

It can easily be integrated with other useful platforms like Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar, and MailChimp. Also, it renders you many add-ons that make your teaching experience easy and efficient.

End Words

As you can see, there are many options for tutor management software in the market. Which one works for you best is the only choice you need to make, and then you are good to go!

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