20 Weird Websites That will Make you Crazy

useless web

Internet is full of weird and creepy stuff. I am sure you must be a fan otherwise you wouldn’t be here. So, here we would tell you about weird websites that you can visit to have some weird and creepy experience.

There are hundreds of websites that are available where you can have the experience where you’ll find horror, fun, and some really weird stuff honestly.

So, sit back and enjoy the weirdest stuff that we have sorted for you.

The Unusual and Weird Websites List

Here is the list of 20 weird Websites that you will be amazed at –


cross divisions

This is a very creepily hypnotising website where you won’t be doing anything but all you will experience is sickness and uneasiness. The tunnels will expand and gradients will move, while the red colour adds the required boldness into the image.

2. Plane Crash Info

plane crash

Do you want to demotivate someone to go into a plane ride? Just make them go through this website. It has all the dark and crazy stuff including Passengers screams and panics moments before their crash ( mp3 transcription). Very weird and disturbing!

3. Theuselessweb.com

useless web


Well, this website purely abides by its name. If you really have nothing to do, absolutely nothing to do, then visit the website. This will kill your time like that! Just keep clicking on the button and you’ll have a tour of the most irrelevant and weird stuff around.

4. Zombo.com


Now comes the Zombo.com where you’ll see just a colourful title with 7 distinct colours and audio where a man welcomes you to zombo.com. There’s just this much and nothing else.

5. Endless Horse  

endless horse

This website has this picture of a horse and an endless page size. I want you to do something. Visit this site and try to find the legs of this horse. Scroll as much as you want. If you’re lucky, you might find them.

6. Death Date


Do you want to know when are you going to take your last breath? This site tells you when ( or it promises to do that anyway). So, all the curious kitties, go and see this weirdly creepy website to know when will you die.

7. Anasomnia.com


The dark interface already adds a bit of creepy and uneasiness into your mind. So, before you go be prepared, though it is not very scary but, you never know weak-hearted might faint.

8. That The Finger


Here, you’ll see this middle finger again and again, till you leave the website. There’s absolutely no point of this website. Just another weirdo.

9. Rate My Poo


This website has all the filth related to poo (ewwww). People upload their poo pictures and others rate it. Yes, people rate each other’s poo. Can you imagine how disgusting it is? Really weird and useless website to have on the internet.

10. Heyyeyaaeyaaaeyaeyaa.com

he-man sings

This website features He-man who just pointlessly sings. I mean who would seriously listen to he-man singing? He-man doesn’t sing! He protects the planet Eternia.

11. Zombiepassions.com


To all the Zombie lovers out there! Here’s your dream website. This specially dedicated website towards zombies is a treat for all the zombie-freaks. Sounds crazy but it actually is a zombie dating and a sort of social networking site.

12. Godhatesshrimps.com


This is more of a spoof website on the ‘Shrimp situation’. It posts some humourous content on the church’s rejection of shrimps.

13. Staggeringbeauty.com


Here, you’ll find a sort of eel moving unevenly and irregularly whenever you place a cursor over it. The uneasy and weird background is sure to make you dizzy. Really very weird.

14. Wwwdotcom.com

last page of internet

Do you ever wonder what would happen if the entire Internet would come to an end? Yeah, you do, right? So, here’s a site that would take you to the last page of the internet. Very weird to see something like this.

15. BeesBeesBees


This website is built on the theme of ‘Bees’. It is a bit strange and weird stuff but it also has a unique theme though.

16. HypnoToad


This is a sort of hypnotising website. The only thing you see is a toad and a droning sound in the background. This sometimes feels a bit creepy and sometimes feels weird. Go and see what you can make of this.

17. CreepyPasta


I, seriously do not recommend visiting this website at night. This is a deeply disturbing and weird website. You’ll find stories on horror incidents. Some even believe this to be true. So, the ghost lovers, go and visit now.

18. Ducks Are The Best

Ducks site

This website has a 1990s type of computer graphics. If you are a duck-fan and have an unprecedented obsession with ducks, this must be the right place for you. With every tremble of the mouse, more and more ducks will appear until all you could see is a full computer screen of ducks.

19. Move Now Think Later

Movenowthinklater web

This website makes an interesting game like Chess very useless. Here, you’ll see the pieces of Chess moving on their own and you won’t have any control over them. Will you want to play this game where you don’t even have control over the game contents?

20. FallingFalling

Falling website

This site gives you a feeling of falling in infinity. The music and the graphics are all very demotivating and are capable of making you feel very uneasy.

So, these were our picks of 20 most weird websites that you must try.



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