What Does This New Decade Hold for Trends in Marketing? Hubilo’s Latest Virtual Event Shows It All!

The last year has been a witness to the most extraordinary volatility ever observed in the world of marketing. The pandemic upended people’s lives and also transformed entire industries into faint shadows of their former selves. The place at which marketing trends changed last year was unprecedented – to even reminisce about marketing strategies no more than a few months ago is enough to send chills down one’s spine. For better or worse, these changes were rapid and widespread, and they are here to stay.

What Were These Changes?

In early 2020, marketing was a primarily offline activity that started shifting online over the past decade. Fields such as digital marketing and content marketing were established but still not prevalent enough to be mainstream.

When the pandemic pushed the whole world online, marketing professionals had to grapple with a limited choice of event hosting tools. Since physical events could no longer be held, video conferencing software had to be used as event platforms. While these software might have been decent for a small number of people, several limitations came to the fore when it came to large events.

The Limitations of Previous Platforms

These platforms were just not transparent enough to be of any use to marketing professionals. They hardly provided any information on event attendees’ identity, let alone other metrics such as demographic or firmographic data. They were also not great options if the attendees’ aim was to network and meet new people.

The Hubilo Transformation

The advent of Hubilo filled these gaps in the online event management domain. Hubilo lets you host virtual events, which bring attendees as close as possible to the experience of a physical event even with the limitations of the digital divide.

Restart 2021

Hubilo’s Restart 2021 aims to put this tectonic shift in marketing trends on global display. With over 4000 marketing professionals attending the event alongside 400 experienced event professionals, there could be no better place to network, meet new people, and discuss the future of the marketing world.

Restart 2021 will also be graced by marketing guru Guy Kawasaki, who will deliver the keynote address on recent changes in marketing and the all-new landscape they have created. Other talks will be given by marketing icons such as Hubspot VP Scott Brinker, SAP VP Nicola Kastner, and former Fast Company Editor and Managing Director Robert Safian. In attendance alongside them will be over 40 marketing VPs and chief marketing officers from some of the largest companies in the world.


If you’re a stakeholder in the future of marketing Restart 2021 is the place to be. The event promises enlightening discussions on recent and upcoming marketing trends, and how you can use them to drive revenues and scale your sales strategy. The 23rd and 24th of March are bound to showcase the power of experiential events and their place in marketing – mark the dates, and do not forget to take notes!

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