What is a good download speed?

The Internet plays an integral role in our lives. Everyone is aware of this technology and millions of people are getting internet services as it helped in pretty much everything we do. Getting an internet connection isn’t just enough. Many companies like AT&T internet services offer multiple internet packages with different download speeds and you need to figure out which speed suits your needs.

If you already have services and you are not sure about the download speed you are getting, contact your company’s customer service team and they will let you know about the download speed you are currently getting. Then it’s up to you if you want to upgrade or downgrade your services. But If you are signing up for a new internet service and not sure what speed is called good internet speed then you should give it a read.

Due to covid-19 as everyone is working from home and children doing online schooling, we can say that everything is pretty much online and the internet has been a lifesaver for most of the people and shows its significance in the world. One of the most asked questions these days is “What is the good internet download speed?”

So, the first question comes to this point is what is download speed? The simplest answer is that a download speed determines how fast your data travels from the internet to your home. For example, if you are watching Netflix in your home the download speed is actually the speed that transfers data from the Netflix server to your house/device.

A good download speed is different for different people depending on their usage. Some people don’t even like 1 Gbps and some people are satisfied with their 1 Mbps connection.

In this world out of 7.9 billion (approx.) people, 4.66 billion have access to the internet. This means more than half of the world is using the internet at different speeds. That includes the people who live in third world centuries where they don’t have the finest internet like fiber or coax and that also includes first world centuries where 20-30 % of the people have access to fiber-optic considered to be the best thing for the internet.

The average Internet broadband speed of the world is up to 25 MBPS. Now, the question here is what can I do with 25 Mbps, would I be able to watch movies or can I work from or would I be able to watch Netflix Hulu, prime, etc.

Internet speeds vary from place to place, while different areas have different sorts of service providers. If you are living in a metropolitan city then you must be able to get everything from fiber-optic to satellite, which means you have so many options to choose from. While if you are out in the country then you must be getting DSL or satellite and all of these providers have different packages ranging from different speeds and pricing.

For a major household of 2 to 5 persons having devices of 4-6 including laptops, cellphones, tablets, TVs, etc connected simultaneously to the internet, a good speed is 25 Mbps. Internet speed of 25 Mbps is considered as good internet speed because it is idle for so many things and you can also get this speed with almost every other provider either it is satellite or fiber optic regardless of area which makes it perfect for everyone like everyone can have access to this speed. With this internet speed, the price bracket is also really good. It is less expensive and perfect for usage.

What if I am not getting good download speed, what issues I might face? You can face several issues if you are not getting a good download speed just like buffering in videos, disruption in your video conferences, high ping while playing online, and many more issues. This will be very frustrating if you’ll face internet connectivity issues often.

Summing it up

Having an internet speed that is not disruptive and stays consistent is peace of mind and it can make your life a lot easier. A problematic internet speed or provider can cause a lot of issues. So, make sure, before signing up for anything you do your proper research on that.

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