Who is a programmer? Tasks, jobs, and salaries in 2022

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For several years, the programmer (or developer) job has grown in popularity. However, due to its complexity, this job is still misunderstood by many.

The programmer creates computer software. They usually specialize in a particular field, such as web development, application development, video game design, etc. 

To specialize in coding, you must first learn at least the fundamentals of programming and then master your skills. But even the most simple projects can seem indisputably complex for a beginner. Hopefully, an expert from WowAssignment will not let you quit your dreams of becoming a programmer by helping you with any assignments.

This article will answer all your questions about the programmer’s job. We will explore the different tasks, benefits, what programmers do, their specializations, salaries, etc.

What do programmers do?

The computer programmer creates software systems such as applications, websites, operating systems, video games, etc.

They create software by writing code and testing the programs to ensure they are error-free and work optimally. They also fix bugs in the code if necessary.

Computer languages

The programmer uses various computer languages, such as:









And many more!

In addition, the programmer will use various technologies such as databases, cloud and web servers, etc.

The tasks

The daily tasks of a programmer include:

Designing, creating, and maintaining software systems

Fixing bugs and problems in the code

Optimizing existing code

Writing unit tests and integration tests

Meeting with clients

Writing documentation

Note: This list is not exhaustive.

Indeed, programmers’ days are seldom the same.


Depending on his specialization, the programmer can create:

Web applications

Desktop applications

Web sites

Video games

Cell phone applications

Computer operating systems


What is the salary of a programmer in 2022?

Salaries vary greatly depending on the programmer’s specialization, experience, and location.

In 2022, in the USA, the average annual salary for a programmer is around $65,000.

How do I find a job as a programmer?

Several professional social networks will allow programmers to find a job. Through these networks, it is possible to easily filter jobs by geographical area, salary, specialty, etc.

Don’t hesitate to share your work on forums, offer your services as a programmer to companies or individuals, or even start a freelance career in this field.

An internship can also often turn into a permanent job.

Global groups also organize many hackathons to find talents and show your skills.


Software development is a growing field that needs new specialists all the time. If programming intrigues you, why not give it a try? Maybe you will find the job of your life.

Finally, the computer programmer can use various code libraries to simplify the writing of the software.

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