Why outsourcing is good for your company?

The lack of qualified personnel, lack of funding and many other reasons for the delegation of work in the IT field is no longer a novelty. It is also no secret that in different countries the issue of taxation and the requirements for regulating labor relations differ. As a result, a specialist in one country can be hired to fulfill a specific contract, which will save the expenditure side of the budget and fulfill the order on time.

Growth in demand for IT services

The demand in the field of information technology is growing every year, due to the rapid development of digitalization and automation processes, which are successfully applied in practice. Specialists from different countries are actively involved in the market. Best countries to outsource software development are represented by Ukraine, Poland, Czech Republic and not only. In these countries, prices for services are relatively lower, but there are a lot of competent specialists.

This is due to the fact that organizations wishing to remain competitive are forced to implement emerging solutions into their processes that optimize and improve their functioning. Also, more and more attention is paid to the potential of technologies such as:

  • robotization;
  • automation;
  • artificial Intelligence;
  • cognitive computing.

TOP Software companies in Europe have to constantly take care of IT security and data. For this reason, organizations are increasingly choosing to partner with external IT service providers. Global Industry Analytics report shows over 200 billion was spent on IT services worldwide in 2020.

Outsourcing explanation of the concept, directions of application

By entrusting the monitoring and management of the IT infrastructure to a competent external company, the responsibility for the proper and efficient functioning of the systems is delegated. The service provider must provide an appropriate technical team and monitor the effectiveness and proper functioning of the IT systems covered by the contract.

When you decide to outsource IT, you also provide yourself with support in the event of a hardware or software failure. Pro tip is not to be missed when you need to expand or modernize your infrastructure.

All this has a positive effect on the stable, efficient and safe operation of the IT infrastructure. As a result, it is minimized:

  • the possibility of disrupting key business processes;
  • optimization of associated costs;
  • the ability to focus on key business elements for the recipient.

Outsourcing of IT departments and IT services

In the case of larger organizations, the IT infrastructure can be extremely extensive. To properly manage, expand, customize and optimize, companies need highly qualified specialists who are often not available or are simply difficult to find in the market. These professionals must be familiar with the latest solutions appearing in vendor offerings in order to be able to implement and maintain them on an ongoing basis.

For a small company, building large and competent IT departments can be difficult to implement and often not profitable. In small businesses, hiring full-time people to specialize in this technology can be prohibitively expensive as the amount of work done will not be sufficient to offset the costs.

IT outsourcing here means:

  • use of knowledge and skills of highly qualified specialists and a significant reduction in costs;
  • the ability to hire specialist body leasing model and team leasing to expand the IT departments existing in the organization.

However, if the company is hiring the right people, they may need support, know-how that can be provided by an external company. Service providers have extensive and up-to-date knowledge that is often validated in different environments and faced with many different concepts and business needs.

IT outsourcing, IT services

IT services are also often required by the internal customer of the company, that is, the end user. Building competent helpdesk departments requires a lot of resources, which may not be achievable for small and medium-sized companies. Here, the service provider will not only handle user requests, but also catalog them to optimize the user support team.

Cybersecurity Sphere

Cybersecurity is also key. It is important to implement procedures to track potentially harmful employee behavior, for example, by protecting the organization from phishing attacks (for example, SIEM systems can help here). Theft of data has serious financial consequences and often more serious image consequences, which can even lead to a drop in the value of a company in the stock market.

IT support of business processes

IT outsourcing will also be useful in terms of optimizing business processes. For both large organizations and small businesses. The competencies of IT departments may not be sufficient to effectively plan and manage processes. The knowledge that IT integrators have can help a company achieve a competitive advantage through the use of modern technology.

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