Windows 10 Lean/RedStone5 | Special Version For Devices With Limited Storage

It’s not been so long since we have said goodbye to Window S, here we’ve now Windows 10 which is for now named as Redstone 5. It is designed for the devices which are available with low storage space. Sources even say that the new version is being framed for OEMs which enables it to load on low-cost laptops. The most happening point which reached to us is that the new version will be available for the devices with 16 GB storage. On testing days, Microsoft is looking forward to the devices that they still can get updates after installing it.

There is no official news out yet, we have got the clues from a tweet by Lucan. Here is what he gotta say.

Tweet discovers that the guys have successfully installed the Windows Lean. He has discovered in the latest build which was released recently. Its installation was of around 2 GB of storage. The company Microsoft is working on reduction of the storage space. Microsoft is working on a lot of aspects which includes removing of contents which just eats up space and how the new update can work utmost well in low-end devices.

The struggle is common for all the existing users who use devices with 16 GB of storage and struggle to update it to Windows 10 updates. But now not anymore, here is something which Microsoft is up assurance. Users face difficulty in loading apps if they load on to windows update. So considering all of it here is the solution. Given below are some pictures by Lucan how windows 10 worked in the low end-device.

So that’s all about Windows 10 Lean edition. Surely it is in the market but no sure news is out about it till now. So if you too carry a low-end device, here goes the solution for you. Enjoy the new streak by Microsoft. Do not forget to drop down comments if you’ve gone through any such update. Do leave us your opinions.

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