10 New Educational Web Tools for Teachers and Educators

With the increasing popularity of technology in education, teachers have a variety of tools to assess their skills, improve the workflow, and enhance the learning experience of students. A variety of web tools is available to add fun to teaching and learning and establishing a more effective connection with students. Most of these tools can be used for free just after signing up. Here are some of the useful Ed-Tech web-tools curate over time and recommended by Edu-bloggers and Educators in the community. 

GoClass: – GoClass is a powerful tool for innovative teaching. It is a classroom application that adapts the way you teach using an internet connection and common mobile devices. This cloud-based teaching-learning app is available for free to download from the iTunes store. This app enables the teachers to transform their instruction time into a learning experience using digital devices to connect students and help them learn the content in a meaningful way. To maximize the potential of GoClass, students need to have a mobile device or tablet both in and out of the classroom. This way, students can review their lessons and notes and deepen their understanding of the topics emphasized during the class.

Imagination Playground 3D Builder: – Imagination Playground 3D Builder uses the configurations of blocks and portrays them in 3D so students can experiment and play. This app gives students a new perspective of outcomes of their actions with open-ended and unstructured free plays. Imagination Playground 3D Builder allows creativity, collaboration, self-expression, problem-solving, communication, skill development, and many more benefits.

Google Blockly: – Google’s Blockly is a web-based library that allows drag and drop of block coding to an app. It is a visual editor that allows the users to write coding by dragging the blocks together. Primarily, this is used for Computer Science education and runs in a web browser. Developers can integrate their own web applications to create great User-Interface for apprentice users.

iPracticeMath: – iPracticeMath is a best place for math practice. It provides free online practice, help, and worksheets of Math up to 9th Grade. This web-based app allows the kids to learn math by making the practice fun. The aim of this app is to provide better education to everyone. As of now, this app covers middle school math.

Propagate: – Propagate is a real-world application that allows the students to learn interesting words that are relevant to them.  This web-tool is based on Harvard’s Educational Technology that builds tools for personalized literacy instructions. Propagate use incredible technology to enhance vocabulary learning and embed it into anything a student is reading online.

ListenCurrent: – Listen Current is a podcast based free resource that curates public radio for teachers and classrooms. All podcasts are placed in different subjects.

Tricider: – Tricider is voting software used in small teams to vote and help group decisions make work. This web-tool is a social voting platform that can be used to brainstorm ideas and gather feedback. It helps the teams to make decisions without meetings and calls. It is the best solution to take advantage of opinions and ideas whether with friends or clients.

DropTask: – DropTask is a visual task management application to organize your tasks and bring your projects to life. In simple terms, this web-tool is a vibrant and colorful interface delivers an amazing task management experience for teams and individuals. Students easily may plan their papers writing divided by parts to make it easier.

EverySlide: – EverySlide is a free tool for Educators to share your slides directly to the iPads and Laptops to help students. It is a free online presentation tool that synchronizes the sideshow across all the connected devices. It is easy to create a presentation in PowerPoint and upload it to EverySlide and share the link with the students. Students can join this slide show from any of their devices like mobile or PC. You can display the current slide and the total number of slides in your presentation. 

iClicker: – iClicker is a powerful market-leader in the student response system. This web-tool is focused on Pedagogy and easy to use and reliable for higher-education. It is a new way for educators and teachers to connect with their students. Students can access the iClicker via web browser and iOS and Android Apps available on play stores. 

Apart from these tools there are also online writing service and on demand notes site that help students to save their time at affordable price. Our best recommendation is Pro-Papers.

So, these were some important and easy to use teacher-student interfaces or Educational Web Tools. Adopting these 10 New Educational Web Tools for Teachers and Educators may make it easier to work together with the students. Fortunately, these tools enable you to streamline your workflow, keep the track of student’s progress, and work in a well-organized manner. These tools are cloud-based and can be accessed from any location.

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