6 Fun Apps that Inspire Creativity

When most of us think of creativity, we think about artists, designers, painters, and writers, etc. But let us tell you one thing, these aren’t the only definitions of creativity anymore. A person who is a CEO, engineer, or a salesman can also be a creative genius. As Stefen Mumaw, the LinkedIn Learner states: “Creativity is problem-solving with relevance and novelty.”

Gone are the days when walking by the yardstick was the only route to success. Today, companies don’t want people who merely crunch numbers. They want individuals who can work out creative solutions based upon these numbers. Same goes for all industries. 

This brings us down to one question – how to enhance your creativity? 

Despite what you may have thought earlier, it’s important to acknowledge that creativity is not innate anymore. You can learn it and work to amplify it. 

Today, we have institutes that offer special training sessions to boost the creative powers of the students. Also, we can avail the chances provided by technology. Some online programs and apps work to ignite creative instincts among their subscribers. 

So if the artist within you is giving you the cold shoulder and you feel a bit drained – warm up your instincts with the following fun apps:

  1. Brainsparker

Available on: Android, iOS

Innovations and refined systems define the current era.  Law of Moore states that computer processing speed will double every 18 months. Such improvement means we need to become life-long learners. And our creativity needs regular workouts.

Brainsparker is an app that helps to stretch your creative muscles. It features above 200 image and word-based prompts that aim to turn on a completely new window of your brain. Your brain begins to function in a completely new direction. The best part is, this app is diverse. You can find quotes, words, phrases, images, and questions of different categories that can boost your creativity to the max.

2. Simple Mind

Available on: Android, iOS, Windows

Mind mapping helps you to organize your thoughts and generate new ideas. When doing manually, you start with a core idea and begin to brainstorm in the form of branches connected to it. Fortunately, we have many tech-intensive ways of doing it these days. One such method is through Simple Mind.

According to its website, Simple Mind leads all other apps when it comes to cross-platform mind mapping. It allows you to take down ideas whenever the moment strikes. You can use images and words to put down your ideas. It brings a pattern to dozens of chaotic thoughts that freely float in your mind. You can connect them and have a vision of how they link together.

3. TED Talks

Available on: Android, iOS

TED is a global series of conferences that go under the slogan “Ideas worth spreading.” It contains talks of over 2000 people from across the globe. These thought leaders talk about new ideas, solutions, and innovations. From science to technology, there is a topic for users of all interests. 

You can also download videos on your device. There is an option “inspire me” that makes it pretty easy to select the inspiration that you are looking for. All of these talks mean to inspire and educate the listeners in one way or another. Give them a shot next time when you are looking to spark up some brilliant ideas.

4. Coffitivity

Available on: Android, iOS

Everyone relies on different things to nudge up their creativity. As stated in the article, “8 Best Offline Music Apps For Android and iOS,” some people believe that music is the element that activates their brains. Coffitivity works on a similar thought. It recreates the sounds of a café. This app functions on the idea that background sounds make your brain creative.

Siwalik Mukherjee is the developer behind this app. Regarding this app, the review by macworld.com states that  “Simple utility brings the feel of a coffee shop to your home office.” Hence, it brings an ambiance that helps you to come up with new ideas and better solutions.

5. Unstuck

Available on: Android, iOS, Web

As the name tells us, Unstuck works to pull you out of the creative block. These blocks aren’t just the issue of writers and artists, but it’s something we all might face at some point.  At moments like these, Unstuck is an app that can prove to be quite effective. It aids to unlock a user’s mind by figuring out the reasons behind these blocks.

The provocative questions, action-oriented tools, and tips come as a course to help users overcome these phases. 

When using apps like these, we often insert some confidential details. Keeping the AirG spam free apps in mind, make sure that the app you are using has a secure algorithm to avoid data breaches.

6. Brainwave

Available on: Android, iOS

There are times when our brain needs stimulation to kickstart its activities. Brainwave offers that as binaural beats. When each of your ears gets tired of different tones playing at varying frequencies, your brain starts to blend the tones. As a result, the brain gets more creative, productive, and motivated.

This app has been in the stores for over eight years. Customer reviews prove how it has been effective in improving sleep, enhancing memory, and building up confidence. For maximum benefits, you must use headphones for this app.

Closing Thoughts

Except only a few, most of the creativity-sparking apps are free. So there isn’t an excuse for you anymore to delay mental training for yourself.  As the late Robin Williams puts it quite well: “You’re only given a little spark of madness. You must not lose it.”

Try out some of these apps when you are struggling to get your creative juices flowing. We are sure you will find the best version of yourself soon.

What other apps do you use for inspiring creativity? Let us know in the comments section!

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