A Guide to Optimising Your Laptop for Gaming 

Best Gaming Laptop under 500 dollars

As a gamer, you need your computer to be performing at the highest level possible. After all, when you are playing, any kind of slowdown or lag can cost you. This is why it is important to make sure that your computer is working optimally every time you game. 

The good news is that this is relatively easy to do, even if you don’t have a great deal of experience with tech. With a few minor adjustments, you can have your laptop functioning flawlessly. This will make it a lot easier for you to improve your overall gaming performance as well. 

Best Gaming Laptop under 500 dollars

Of course, having an excellent yet affordable rig will make it easier to enhance your laptop’s functioning. So, try and invest in a machine that is simpler to tweak. On this note, here are the top changes that you can make to your computer.

Update Your Graphics Drivers

You are already aware that your graphics card – and as a result, drivers – are a major component of gaming. However, what most people don’t realise is just how effective updating your graphics driver can be. Manufacturers often upgrade drivers with major improvements, bumping up performance considerably. This is true for both newer games as well as old ones. 

The first thing you will have to do is to identify the kind of graphics hardware and driver installed on your computer. This will give you some idea of what kind of update to look for. Now, you should know that the upgrades aren’t always available on the graphics card manufacturer’s website. Sometimes, you will have to head to your laptop’s manufacturer to get the proper updates. 

You should also note that, after a while, these updates will only take you so far. If your graphics card is really old, there is a good chance that the manufacturer will stop releasing updates. In this instance, you are going to have to opt for a newer graphics card for better performance. 

Improve Your Graphics Card 

Want to kick up the resolution on your games? Or perhaps you are hoping for higher frame rates? If you are looking to boost the overall graphics in your games, then you may need to get a new graphics card. As you can imagine, the newer ones pack quite the punch, allowing you to elevate your gameplay completely. 

Before you go ahead and get a new graphics card, though, make sure to check out your motherboard first. If you are lucky, you may just discover that you have multiple PC-Express slots. As long as you add graphic cards that are identical to those currently installed, you should see a boost in performance without having to spend too much money. 

A word to the wise, however. If your graphic cards are outdated, adding more will only have a minimal effect. For a real graphics improvement, you may discover that getting a new and upgraded version is the only way to go. Sure, it may cost you early on, but you are bound to find that the investment is well worth it. 

Defrag Your Hard Drive 

If your computer is pretty old, then over time you will have saved quite a few files and programs on it. Even if you delete these, there is a small portion of them still left on your hard drive. The problem is that these little packets of information get distributed all over the place. Therefore, when your hard drive has to read them, it takes a longer time to do so. 

The issue can be resolved by defragging your hard drive. Also known as defragmenting, this is the process is where all the information is moved to one place. Therefore, your hard drive will be able to work faster, allowing the general performance of your laptop to improve as well. 

Now, if your computer has slowed down quite a bit (and is rather old too), defragging your hardware may have a limited effect. In this instance, the option below may prove to be more fruitful for you.

Upgrade to an SSD

As you are well aware, gaming is more than just about graphics and frame rates. Speed and loading times are pretty important too, particularly when playing open-world games. So, if you are experiencing serious slowdown on your machine, defragging it will only take you so far. At the end of the day, traditional hard drives do have their limitations. 

To really speed things up, it is best to make the transition to an SSD – this is something that most newer laptops already have installed. Since SSDs offer twice as much faster data transfer speeds than hard drives, your load times will be much quicker too. 

These are the top ways you can improve your laptop so that your gaming experience will be boosted as well. For the best results, try to combine all these solutions. This way, you are sure to notice a significant change in the way you game on your computer. 

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