All Snapchat Trophies List and How to Get Snapchat Trophies

Snapchat Trophies List And How To Get Them?

Snapchat, considered to be most popular app among youth. The instant image messaging app which lets you create small stories and play with doodle features is just one among all.

The unique thing about this messaging and social networking app is you need not worry about people liking or commenting. You just can upload it, and after a while, it will get disappeared automatically.

You can post videos of upto 10 sec. To make more fun out of it, Snapchat has different types of emojis which include Snapchat trophies, friend emojis, Bitmojis, etc.

List of Snapchat Trophies

To create more fun out the same application, the developers have added: “Snapchat Trophy Case.” Which contains emojis for each achievement you reach snapchat. Foremost you need to learn how to access them.

You can get them by exploring snapchat more and more. As you’ll continue exploring, you’ll get opportunities to unlock and earn trophies. By the last update, that was released in December’15.

Here is the list of Trophies




1. Globe Globe Your snap was posted on the live story.
2. Link Link Linked your Bitmoji to snapchat.
3. Large Blue Circle Blue circle Created a story in memories.
4. White circle White circle Sent a story from memories.
5. Minidisc Mini Disc Saved a memory to memories.
6. Eyes Eyes Set up my eyes only in memories.
7. Sleuth Sleuth Searched for a snap in memories.
8. Sunglasses face Sunglasses face Paired spectacles.

Snapchat Trophy Case

Trophy Case Name Meaning
1 Finger 1  Finger 1  Send a picture with just one filter applied.
2. 2 Fingers  2 Fingers  Send a picture with 2 filter applied.
3. Baby  Baby  Your snap score will hit 10.
4. Gold Star  Gold Star   Your snap score will hit 100.
5. Sparkles  Sparkles   Your snap score will hit 1000.
6. Circled Star  Circled Star   Your snap score will hit 10,000.
7. Explosion  Explosion   Your snap score will hit 50,000.
8. Rocket  Rocket   Your snap score will hit 100,000.
9. Ghost  Ghost   Your snap score will hit 500,000.
 10.  Video Tape  Video Tape  Send a video snap
 11.  Movie Camera  Movie Camera  Send 50 video Snap
 12.  Video Camera  Video Camera  Send 500 video Snap
 13.  Sun Face  Sun Face  Send a snap with temperature filter 100° F
 14.  Snowflake  Snowflake  Send a snap with temperature filter below breezing
15.  Flashlight  Flashlight   Send 10 snaps with front facing flash on.
 16.  Ogre  Ogre  Send 1000 snaps with front facing camera(selfie)
 17.  Loop once  Loop once  Flip the camera once in one video snap
 18.  Loop  Loop   Flip the camera 5 times in one video snap
 19.  Rotate  Rotate   Flip the camera 10 times in one video snap
 20.  Monkey Holding Ears  Monkey Holding Ears  Send a video snap without audio
 21.  Magnifying Glass  Magnifying Glass  Send 10 snaps entirely zoomed in.
 22. Microscope  Microscope   Send 10 videos using zoomed in.
 23.  ABCD  ABCD  Send 100 snaps with large text font.
 24.  Panda  Panda  Send 50 black and white snaps.
 25.  Moon  Moon  Send 50 using night mode.
 26.  Frypan  Frypan  Send a snap between 4-5 am.
 27.  Lollipop  Lollipop  Send a snap using 5 or more pen colors
 28.  Rainbow  Rainbow  Send a snap using 10 or more pen colors
29.  Artist Palette  Artist Palette  Send a snap using 50 or more pen colors
 30.  Email  Email  Verified email address in setting.
 31.  Telephone  Telephone  Verified phone number in setting.
 32. Happy Devil  Happy Devil  Screenshotted a snap.
 33.  Sad Devil  Sad Devil  Screenshotted 10 snap.
 34.  Mask  Mask  Screenshotted 50 snap.
 35.  Radio  Radio  Submitted a snap to a local story.
 36.  Clapper  Clapper   Submitted 10 snap to a local story.
 37.  Television Emoji  Television Emoji  Your snap was posted on a local story.
 38.  Fax  Fax  Scanned 5 snapcodes.

To Know Which Trophies You Won:

  1. Click on ghost icon at the top of the screen.


2. Then Click on the Trophy Icon.


3. Click on any trophy to find out.

Snapchat trophy case4. Fill all of it.

Snapchat trophy case

Achieve them all! 😉

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