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A very interesting game with a very attractive name. Black and white is a video game developed by “Lionhead Studios” and is published by “EA” especially for Microsoft in 2001. Later in 2002, it was launched for Mac OS. “Black and White” game is based on Strategy and Artificial Life. This is based on the theme of GOD. The stories that our ancestors told us that, thousands of years ago our GODs defeated enemies. Similarly, in this game, the Player will play the role of GOD and his task is to defeat Nemesis. Here Nemesis is the name of another GOD who is evil and want to take the world.  Though it’s a single player game still Multiplayer is too available for a local network.

Basically, the character will change their personality and behavior according to the player. Black and white is an Artifical intelligence based game where the player will decide who will win, good or evils. While its release, Black and White developers got huge appreciation from the users and after their feedback. Developers did some changes in the game and now the game changes according to the player choice. If he wants that evil should win then the whole game’s exposure will be given to the evil else vice versa.

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