1 Blue Mars for OS X

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There are many MMO games available online. It is a highly popular genre and is played online by a large number of players. Blue Mars is a virtual world game that has great graphics and solid gameplay. The service was developed by Avatar Reality. The game provides the facility for the third party creators to develop a computer-generated world. The game has a great support for mods and other user-generated content.

There are a lot of options available here to unleash your creativity. You can create MMOG games, simulation for different mechanics, create your own business, home and much more. There are four main parts of the game, first is client software second is sandbox editor third is the host servers and the last one is the website. As the site provides a virtual life game with MMO and social media features it is highly popular among the teenagers.

You can create your own customized avatar. Avatar can move freely in different virtual cities, play games, meet new avatars and create various items. Each city in the game has its unique features like business, games, shopping and other things. There is a virtual currency in the game that can be used to buy things and land.


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