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Dragon Age Inquisition is Electronics Arts production developed by BioWare Edmonton, the game falls in the action role-playing genre. Dragon Age franchise has launched three games till now namely Dragon Age: Origins, Dragon Age II and the latest one is Dragon Age: Inquisition. The story of the game starts as a player character is known as the Inquisitor on a journey to save the world.

The game is like any other role-playing game the player meets a different character as the story progresses. In the game, the player can also control the protagonist’s companions. The first game of the franchise was released in 2014 and has gained its fame through its gameplay style and its interactive environment.

Dragon Age Inquisition has an aggregate rating of 8.3/10. Dragon Age Inquisition gameplay has many mystical and magical power support for defeating the demons in the storyline. All of the companions have different powers that the player can use as per his will to complete the side quests, extra missions, and the storyline.

But most of the storyline is played as the story’s protagonist aided by his magical sword and the gameplay is in third person camera view, a top to down camera option is also available.

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