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There are many fps games available online and some of them are free also. Gotham City Imposters is a first-person shooter game that has a unique team play and shooting style. The game is set in the comical settings of Gotham City of Batman Comics series. There are two teams one of them dresses like Batman and other like Joker. The game is really fun to play with a lot of different type of weapons some of which are really fun to use. You also get a grappling gun which you can use to move to a higher place fast. The aim is to kill the members of other teams.

Gotham City Impostors is played with maximum 12 players at a time. There are tons of customization options available to make your character better. Apart from character look, you also get other customization option like gadget customization which is a cool feature. The colorful graphics look stunning and also make the unique identity of the game. In addition to weapons like guns and knives, you get different types of explosives also.

There are total four modes which you can choose to play – Fumigation, Bounty Hunter, Team Deathmatch and Psych Warfare. The Psych Warfare mode involves two teams trying to complete the aim of bringing a valuable thing back. In Fumigation, the team has to guard a place. Other modes also have different aims.

S4 League

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S4 league is one of the few games that has manga style graphics. This third-person sci-fi shooter was developed by GameOn Studios. There are several game modes which can be played in teams. You earn points for leveling up and improving players. This...

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