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Our World is a game that combines elements of life simulation and RPG games. In this virtual world, you can enjoy a range of games and activities. The game was developed by FlowPlay mostly for teenagers. The game consists of many small casual games. You start the game by creating an Avatar and a place for its home. Both avatar and home are customizable with a lot of features to make it more personalized.

OurWorld also has an in-game currency that is called Flow. You do various tasks to earn the money. Each game you play rewards you with some Flow. With this currency, you can purchase gems. And use it for buying decorating items, furniture and clothing for your avatar. As the game progresses, you earn experience and level up. In return to this, there are prizes like new dance moves, new places in the map and other privileges.

As this is also a massive multiplayer online game, you have the freedom to interact with other players, build friendships, create different communities etc. After the initial release of the game new features were added like marriage and adaptation. You can get tattoos, organize parties, get social and much more amazing features are present in the game.

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