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Planetside 2 is an FPS game that can be played online by a large number of players. This MMO game was developed and published by Daybreak Game Company. It was first released in 2012.  It is a sequel of earlier released PlanetSide which was released in 2003. PlanetSide 2 supports more than 1000 players at a time. The game has holds a Guinness World Record for biggest fps battle with over 1100 players online in a single tournament.

This game contains many similarities to the previous game. It features same game set up and factions. Here you get a territory in open-world with large battles. The game continues with a fast pace keeping the player engaged. If you are looking for robust FPS elements like shields, headshot, sprinting etc. you will find it all here. A unique element of the game is teamwork and player skills which are some of the factors that affect the gameplay. Also, there is day and night feature which affect the gameplay.

The large combats take place in a place called Auraxis. There are many territories on this continent. Mission system allows you to find and kill your opponents. It is party controlled by players and is partly automated.

S4 League

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S4 league is one of the few games that has manga style graphics. This third-person sci-fi shooter was developed by GameOn Studios. There are several game modes which can be played in teams. You earn points for leveling up and improving players. This...

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