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Virtual Villagers is a series of Real Life Simulation game. Originally it was developed for PC and Mac platform. Later iOS and Android version were also launched. There are five games in this series viz. The Lost Children, A new home, New Believers, The Tree of Life and The Secret City. Here you live in a community of people. The player is the in charge of the community and needs to complete various tasks like guiding the people for surviving the harsh environment.

The game provides you with the task to make housing, food and other take care of other necessities of the community. If there is any disease spreading in the village then you have to take measures to fight it. As the game progresses you explore various secrets of the village and explore new things.

Virtual Villagers is an interesting game with a lot of unique features. As it provides you with the task of controlling a whole community you get to enjoy a large amount of gameplay. The Real-time gameplay keeps the user engaged for a long time.


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