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Warframe is a free fps shooter game that can be played in multiplayer mode. It is developed by Digital Extremes. The game is available for various platforms like Windows, PS4 and Xbox One. You will feel the sci-fi settings of the game impressive to play. Players have to take the control of enemy called Tenno Warrior. The game has been set up in a world where there is war everywhere. There are three main factions in the war fighting to take the control.

The masterful warriors have many tricks including a powerful armor and many other special abilities. The story has many twists and turns making it an interesting gameplay. You primarily get a co-operative gameplay. Here there are four players playing to win the game. If you are a fan of character customization here is the perfect game for you. You get credits for actions in the game. This credits can be used in the game marketplace to buy new weapons and upgrades.

In Warframe you get a range of movements like sprinting, rolling, slide and dodge to keep away from enemy sight which you can use in the game. There is a sword which can be used to fight the enemies. Overall it is a great game which combines various elements of a good game and provides a robust shooting experience.


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