10 Games Like Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles And Other Better Alternatives

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Yonder is an open world adventure game. The game consists of a lot of features that makes it favorite for casual gamers. It allows you to explore the open world and do tasks like farming, gardening etc. The graphics are simple and creates a unique identity for the game. The game offers simple yet beautiful graphics. It has been set on the island of Gemea which has a lot of beautiful landscapes, cute creatures and a lot of resources to start a new life.

The beautiful storyline is what makes this game outstanding. The game map is large and has a lot of unique things to explore with some mysteries to solve. As you go further deep into the island you get to experience new types of environment with unique flora and fauna of each place. The residents of the islands are fighting an evil murk. You have to find and defeat this enemy in order to complete the game.

You can contribute to the island by doing farming, fishing, cooking etc. The game also provides the option to build new infrastructure like houses, land for farming etc. Overall this is a great game with a lot to discover and beautiful set.


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