11 Android Tips and Tricks for your Smartphones

Today I am going to show you all about Hidden Android Tips and Tricks for your Smartphones. In this Post, I will Cover you all about the Top Secret Tips and Tricks for Android Smartphone Devices. Here we are going to discuss the Top Hidden Secret Features from which you can use your Android Smartphones Devices even more Smartly and also Improve your Experience of use.

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Top 11 Hidden Android Tips & Tricks for your Smartphones


11. Say “OK GOOGLE” to Start a Search from your Screen on your Android Device

Say ok Google to text to speech

Say “OK GOOGLE” to Start a Search from your Screen. This is the Feature which is Created by the Google, From this Android Feature you can Use your Voice on your Google application to do a search from your Voice.

For Ex. if you Say ‘Helpful Apps for Android’ then it will give you all Brief Searches for the Helpful Apps for the Android Smartphones.

You can even do more by this Feature like you can get the Directions, make & Create a Reminders, Search for a Term and many more things.

10. Disable App. Notifications on your Android Smartphone


From this awesome Android features you can disable the Applications notifications on your Android Smartphone. From this feature you can also more concentrate on our work by disabling the app notifications. So that it will not distract you anymore by the notifications & also can increase your work time and less attention on your phone.

9. Set Mobile Data Limit on your Android Smartphone

Set Mobile Data Limit on your Android Smartphone

From this feature you can keep track your usage from your monthly mobile data limit set. From this feature you will be get alerted once you completed the limit you set. You can set your data usage cycle based on your ‘Month’ and that’s it (It will automatically do our Work Smartly). Now from that you can get alerted when its reach data limit.

8. Add Multiple Google Accounts on one Android Device


You can add your multiple Google accounts on your one Android Smartphone Device. You can run more than 1 Google account on your one Android Device.

From this feature you can use more than 1 Google Accounts for the many Google Services.

7. Turn Off Auto Correct on your Android Device

Turn Off Auto Correct on your Android Device

If you are annoying with the Auto Correction Suggestion Feature when Typing on your Android Smartphone Device, your Words are automatically Checked and Replacement Words are Suggested then you can also Turn Off this Auto Correction from your Android Smartphone Device. You can Turn Off the Auto Correction while you are Texting on your Device.

You can also Enable and Disable the Spell Checking Features in your Android Smartphone Device.

6. Install Custom Icon Sets for your Android Apps.

Install Custom Icon Sets for your Android Apps

One of the Cool things you can do on your Android Smartphone Device is that you can Install Custom Icons or can Customize the Icons on your Android Device. In this Feature you can Install and Customize the Custom Icon Sets of your Android Smartphones. You can do it by the third Party Launchers, you can Install and also Customize the Custom Icon Sets for your Android Devices.

You can also Create and Upload your Custom Icons too on your Android Device.

5. Restrict the Calls and Texts of Useless People on your Android


If you want to Restrict the Unwanted Calls and the Texts you want to get rid of on your Android Device. then you can do Restrict the Calls and the Texts to the only very Important People by the Apps and the Blockers.

Android Introduced a Priority Mode a New Feature from that you can Restrict the Calls and the Texts to only the very Important Persons or the Contacts you Want. You can Turn ON this Feature by simply just Pressing any Volume Button from Android Device Smartphones. From this Feature Tap the Setting Gear to Customize which Texts and the Calls will go through.

4. Identify which Apps is Slowing your Android Smartphone Device

Identify which Apps is Slowing your Android Smartphone Device

This is the one of the Good Feature to Identify which Apps is Slowing your Android Smartphone Devices. Although you cannot find that which Apps are Slowing your Android Device but you can Figure out that which Apps are Using your Android Battery the most.

Generally if your Android Smartphone Device Apps are using a lot of your Device Battery, then it will surely make slow down your Android Phone. Battery is also the Main Necessary things from which the Whole Device is Running.

You can find the Lists of the Android Device Apps vs the Battery Usage in the Settings.

You can Look at them and make always sure that what Compulsory Applications you keep and want. You can also Use some of the Live Monitoring Apps to Check that which Apps. are Running and using the most Battery when they are Running.

3. Guest Mode to Hide you most Things from your Android Devices


This is also the one of the Good Hidden Secret Features from that you can Hide your Most important Personal things from your Android Device Smartphones. This is a Mode in your Android Smartphone which is called as the Guest Mode, from this Mode you can Hide your most things like Pictures, Personal Information and many more things.

This is one of my Personally Recommend Mode for your Android Smartphones Device.

2. Get the Quick Settings Feature by two Fingers on your Android Device


Here are the another most important and the Helpful Feature for your Android Smartphone Device from that you can go to the Quick Settings by instantly the 2 Fingers.

by the way you already know that swiping down with 1 Finger on your Android Device will open the Notification Tray on your Android Device. but did you know that Swiping Down with the 2 Finger will mix Brings and go to the Quick Setting Feature.

If you really don’t know .. Try now and Check it !! (it’s very Really Helpful Hidden Tricks)

1. Dial a Contact Number, by the Easy Way on your Android


This is also a one of the Good Feature from which you can Use the most out of your Android Smartphone.

If you are not Remembering your Contacts or your Phone Number than it is the Best Hidden Way to find out your Contact Number instantly. For that , first you have to go the Keypad Section of your Android Smartphone. Then just Search with a Number to Start Finding the Desired Contact Name.

So, for an Example.. to find a Contact of Name ‘Mike’, simply just type the 6,4,5,3 so that you will get the Mike Name Contact Search. ” like [ M-6 , I-4 , K-4 , E-3 , ] ”

from, this you can save much more time for finding your Contacts through your Android Phone.


These are some amazing tips and tricks for Android devices. These Android tips and tricks will help you to use your device fast. There are a lot of hidden features of Android, that you find new in this post. Try all these Android tips and tricks and be cool.

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