Top 10 Best Anime Streaming Sites (Free/Paid)

Best Anime Streaming Sites

Anime the common word we keep coming across either way. Ain’t it? Whether you have kids or not, there is always a kid inside all of us. Who love to watch Animes to lessen the stress which we keep dealing.

Kids want it the whole day, even when it comes to eating lunch, they seek anime series. I guess that’s how they digest food. 😛  Nevermind, here goes the solution for endless anime sessions.

It actually doesn’t matter who wants to watch anime. Here goes the list of BEST ANIME STREAMING SITES.


Best Free Anime Streaming Sites

1. (Paid)

Hulu Anime is one of the very famous platforms for anime genre. Surely, it is not the free streaming website but once you’ve to take a monthly subscription you can watch over 10,000 of episodes. Hulu does not offer anime movies but its wide variety of episodes and seasons will surely take all of your mind.

2. (Free)

It is complete free anime streaming website which aloows you to play videos in HD formats. The website is quite famous across the globe for offering the best and only anime genre content. Some of them are found to be exclusive. (Free)

Watch most exclusive and all time favorite movies and series any time. Anime streams are for all those who want to watch anime series for longer and repetative times. The website even has series like nurato, Wonder Momo etc.

4. Netflix (Paid)

Netflix is overall big flatform to watch anything of any genre. Anime too is part of it. Watch the anime seasons, episodes and movies over netflix in best audio or video quality. Though netflix is not free. You can use 1 month free subscription after that you need to pay some amount to continue wataching it.

5. Crunchyroll(Free)

From korean dramas to Asian anime series Crunchyroll consists of over 20,000 of episodes from different genre of anime only. Roll yourself up within the world animation. From action to adventure to other genres, roll with crunchyroll.

6.GogoAnime.lo (Free)

GoGo anime is again another anime streaming website which deliverls all time anime series. From old to latest you can find all the anime movies plus seasons that too in english. If the language is other you can even find it in english dubbed version.

7.Chai (Free)

Yet another great application which stream just anime series for free. The websites get updates quite faster. You can even download episode in MP4 file format and watch comfortable online and offline both.

 8. Anime-Planet (Free)

Anime-planet lets you all of the anime series which is around the globe. Anime planet is exactly like its name. Find your favorite mangas and webtoons on it and get a refreshed watching experience. (Free)

The website carries pretty good interface which lets you find what type of webtoons you want to watch over it. It has quite friendly navigation to high rated series and genres. If subbed anime and webtoons are your keys then go ahead and hit the website (Free)

Subbed and dubbed both. This one is for the people who look for dubbed anime season. Here, goes the perfect website for both subbed and dubbed. You can watch ove 2500 episodes in dubbed language in HD quality. What more are waiting for. Hit the website now.

Bottom Line

Here goes the list of best anime streaming websites which delivers the best anime series from across the globes. Now tune your world with manga, webtoons etc. For more such website keep following us. 🙂


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