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Being a gamer is not easy. Firstly, you have to spend a lot of money on buying a good gaming system. A gaming PC will cost you a couple of thousand dollars. This is not even the most expensive part. 

One can save up and buy a gaming PC, but the real problem is the games. Every day many new games are released, and games from major developers like Rockstar, Ubisoft, EA Sports cost a lot. Spending daily to purchase a new game is not possible. That’s why most people go for the pirated games.

Although there are sites like Apunkagames.com, which provides free games. But due to piracy issues, they got ban and we need to look for some alternative. So here we listed some free game downloading sites or Apunkagames alternative.


ApunkagamesPirated games are copies of the original games that have been cracked by hackers. They are exactly the same as the original games, and may even contain unlocked features that you get after completing the game or certain missions.

It may take a few hours to a few months to crack a game, depending upon the type of security used. For example, games that use Denuvo for security are especially hard to crack. But that does not stop hackers from cracking the games.

Usually, the pirated game is released within a few months of the initial release of the game. Sometimes, the games are leaked even before they were released, and there have been instances where hackers were not able to crack the game at all.

There are many websites on the internet that offers pirated games for free. However, you have to be careful, as hackers might disguise viruses on the pretext of providing cracked games, and they can harm your PC.

To ensure that such a disaster does not happen, we have made a list of the best websites where you can safely download paid games for free. Before I list the websites, here are some of the features that you should look into before downloading a game:

10 Apunkagames Alternative – Download Games for Free

Based on the above factors, we made a list of the best websites from which you can safely download pirated games. One of it you know Apunkagames.in, but our main motive here is to list alternatives of Apunkagames.

  1. FitGirl Repacks 

FitGirl Repacks

This is one of the best websites you can download all the latest games for free. There’s a reason it’s so popular, and you can find many duplicate websites with similar names trying to scam gamers. Beware of the fake sites, as it contains viruses and the potential to damage your system. This site is maintained by a Russian hacker. It has a no-ads policy or clicks baits. Latest and classic games are updated on a regular basis. Multiple servers are provided to download the games. You can choose a torrent link or a direct download link to download the game. The games are virus-free. The best part about this website is that the games are highly compressed, and you get the choice of whether to add files such as high texture packs, language packs, DLCs, etc. 

Highlights of FitGIrl Repacks:

  • No ads or click baits
  • Multiple servers to download from
  • Games are cracked by the FitGirl team
  • Games are updated on a regular basis
  1. R.G. Mechanics

R.G. Mechanics

One of the rivals of FitGirl repacks, R.G. Mechanics is famous for them repack algorithms that make the games run smooth. R.G Mechanics is one the very websites who crack the game themselves and post it. Like FitGirl, this website also has a no ads policy and no click baits. It has a huge collection of games, so you can download all your favorite games from here. The website updates games on a regular basis. With the torrent link, you can download the games at a high bandwidth.

Highlights of R.G. Mechanics:

  • No ads or click baits
  • Huge collection of games
  • Games are updated on a regular basis
  • Faster download speed

Click here to go to its official website

  1. Skidrowcodex


This website is managed by a group of passionate hackers. The Skidrow group was originally formed in 1990. But the group remerged in 2007, and has been active since then. It is known for cracking Denuvo Anti-Tamper protected games, as well as Steam Licensing. Skidrow became famous when they became the first group to ever crack Ubisoft’s Uplay DRM, that required a persistent internet connection to play the game. They made history by cracking Assassins Creed 2, which featured the Uplay DRM. Skidrow has a huge collection of games, and new games are uploaded regularly. The site provides multiple servers to download the game from. The site has popped up ads and it may be bothersome while downloading the game.

Highlights of SkidrowCodex:

  • Huge collection of games
  • Multiple servers to download from
  • Games are updated on a regular basis
  • Interchangeable links

Click here to go to its official website

  1. CPY

CPY games

CONSPIR4CY commonly known as CPY is a warez group that was founded in 1999 in Italy. CPY became the first group to create proper cracks for games protected by the third generation of Denuvo DRM software. They made history by cracking Resident Evil 7: Biohazard within five days of its release, the shortest amount of time taken to develop a crack for a Denuvo DRM-protected game at that time. In December 2018, CPY cracked and published a cracked copy of Just Cause 4 on the day after its release, which used the latest version of Denuvo DRM.

The website has no policy, but the download links have click baits. The site has a huge collection of games, and the latest and classic games are updated regularly. You can download from multiple servers.

Highlights of CPY:

  • Multiple servers to download games from
  • Huge collection of games
  • New games are updated regularly
  • Fast download speed

Click here to go to its official website

  1. Codex


CODEX commonly known as CDX is a warez group that was founded at the end of February 2014 and are known for releasing copies of games which use the Steam licensing and is also for emulating Ubisoft’s Uplay DRM protection. In less than 6 years, they released over 3700 commercial computer games making them one of the most active warez groups.

In 2017 CODEX became famous by becoming the third warez group to crack Denuvo DRM when they released a cracked version of Middle-earth: Shadow of War on its release date. In the mid-year of 2018 CODEX cracked copies of games featuring the latest versions of Denuvo DRM including updated versions of Assassin’s Creed Origins and Far Cry 5 both of which used Uplay licensing DRM and also contained some additional anti-modification and anti-debugging code through the use of VMProtect. The website has a huge collection of games, and new games are updated regularly. It provides a torrent link to download the game.

Highlights of CODEX:

  • Huge collection of games
  • New games are updated regularly
  • Torrent link to download the games
  • Has some of the hardest to crack games

Click here to go to its official website

  1. 3DM


3DM is a Chinese group that cracks video games. Unlike other warez groups that remain anonyms 3DM’s members have public profiles on the social network Sina Weibo and use a blog to inform the public about their activities. 3DM is a peer to peer file sharing group and were one of the first to offer cracks for games which utilized DRM produced by Denuvo, but as the newer versions of Denuvo DRM became more challenging to crack, 3DM gave up trying to crack games protected with Denuvo DRM.

In 2016, 3DM claimed that piracy of games produced by large developers and publishers would be impossible in the coming years and publicly announced a year break from developing cracks for games. After they returned in 2017, 3DM has only released games that use Steam licensing and only releasing copies of better-protected games which includes cracks made by other groups. 3DM has a huge library of games and offers a direct download for games. The site has an ad-free experience.

Highlights of 3DM:

  • Huge collection of games
  • No ads policy
  • No click baits
  • Fast download speed

Click here to go to its official website

  1. 1337x.to


This is the site for everything. It is one of the best torrent sites you can ever find. You can download movies, music, software, games, videos, and literally every digital thing. As it is not a game-specific website, and no particular person or group is responsible for cracking and uploading games, as it is a peer to peer network. Anyone and everyone can upload a game.

This makes this website have a huge collection of games, and you can find different versions of the same game made available by a different group of crackers. As there are multiple listings of the same game, you can choose the version you want according to the size or extra features.

Highlights of 1337x.to:

  • Huge library of every digital item
  • You can find multiple versions of the same game
  • Download movies, videos, music and software
  • You need to use a VPN to visit this site

Click here to go to its official website

  1. WorldOfPCGames

WorldOfPCGamesUnlike the above websites, this is not a warez group. This website uses games cracked by warez groups and posts them on their website. Since they copy games from other websites, they select and post the best version of the cracked games available on the internet. It has a huge library of games, and you can find many latest and classic games on this website. The website has a lot of click baits, so it can be troublesome while downloading the game. You can download the game available with either the direct download link or with the torrent link.

Highlights of WorldOfPCGames:

  • Huge collection of games
  • Games are updated regularly
  • Download from a direct link or torrent link

Click here to go to its official website

  1. Ocean Of Games

Ocean Of Games

This website features games combined from various other websites. You can find games from different warez groups in the search results, and thus can choose the version accordingly. Different cracked games from different groups differ in size, and features such as compatibility, installation time, repack size, etc. Therefore, with this website, you can compare the different versions, and choose the best one. You can use a single link direct download method or the torrent link to download the game. Along with the game, this website also provides the minimum and recommended system specifications required to run the game. With this, you know beforehand if the game will run smoothly on your system or not.

Highlights of Ocean of Games:

  • Huge collection of games
  • Direct link and torrent download available
  • Provides minimum system requirements for each game
  • Provides games by multiple coders

Click here to go to its official website

  1. HelloPCGames

Much like the other websites, this website too relies on popular warez groups to update its list of contents. It has a huge collection of games, and new games are updated depending on how the warez groups release the latest games. While the old, classic titles are uploaded on a regular basis. This website provides you with the option to download from either a direct link or torrent link in some cases. It has a no add policy, and even the torrent link is provided on the game description page, so you don’t need to worry about click baits. With the huge collection of games, it has, you are sure to find your desired classic game, while you may need to wait for some time in case of the latest titles.

Highlights of HelloPCGames:

  • Huge collection of games
  • Games are updated on a regular basis
  • No ads or click baits
  • Provides both the direct download link and torrent link for games.

Click here to go to its official website

Collection of games:

Most of the websites have a huge collection of games. It would be a waste if the website does not have the games that you want to download. Some websites are specifically made for a certain genre of games.

There are websites that will only provide vintage games, some websites have a collection of mini-games such as Miniclip.com, some provides emulated games, while others focus on providing the latest games. Make sure that the website has a huge collection of games so that you can download your desired games.


By speed, we refer to the downloading speed that the websites provide. Some websites have their own server or seedboxes in case of torrents, that provides a high downloading speed for the games. It is better if the site provides multiple servers to download from, as to provide a faster downloading speed in case many users are downloading the same game which may cause the server to slow down or even crash.


As soon as a website becomes popular, hackers start creating fake websites with a similar name, to lure people into downloading the malware and then hacking their system using it. If you search for a particular website, you will find multiple websites with similar names and URLs. It becomes difficult to search for the real one. Make sure you find the original website, and download games only from it.

Release frequency:

Some websites that are owned by hacker’s release games as soon as they crack it. While most of the websites offer pirated games, only a few of them crack the game themselves, while the other websites copy their crack and post it on their website. So, look for a website that releases new pirated games on a regular basis, so that you can keep up with the latest games.

Download type:

There are different ways in which you can install a pirated game. Some websites simply crack the game and put up the whole game for download, you simply need to download the files and run the game in such cases. Some websites provide mods that can be applied over the original game to crack it. Some website provides online installers that download the game on your computer. Some websites provide offline installers or setup, that you need to install in order to run the game. A setup is the best way to download a pirated game, as it is small in size, and downloads faster as compared to fully pre-cracked games.


With the above-listed websites, you are sure to find your desired and awaited games on either of the websites. While all of the warez groups listed here are among the best ones in the world, each has its own cracking speed, and preferences for cracking. Some are interested in cracking Denuvo games, while others crack Uplay DRM or major titles. Be sure to check multiple websites to ensure that you download the latest version of the game with all the DLCs, and in the minimum size possible.

If you previously using Apunkagames site for downloading games, then you will like these apunkagames alternatives.

Personally, we would recommend you to download games from FitGirl Repacks, as they provide repacks in the smallest size possible. Plus, almost all of their games have no issues while running. Did you find the game you were looking for? Do mention any other websites that you know in the comment section below.  

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