10 Basic Unix vs. Linux Differences That You Should Know

As such both Linux and Unix system is best. Linux is having many plus points in them that they can do compete with Unix, but I am not telling that Unix is better or bad than Linux. Both Linux and Unix are OS but they serve their users in different manner or way. So these differences in their serving to their customer make them different so it’s obvious that the features that they give to any users will not be different.

Yes, Linux and Unix is far more different than Windows OS but before Windows and Unix OS were not released Linux was the one which can run your computer without any problems or situation. So according to me as Linux is having very good experience in running your PC without giving you any problem. I wish Linux should win in this difference other than Unix or any other OS for your PC.

differnce between linux and unix

The main difference between Unix and Linux OS is that both of this OS is having the whole different programs and specification and the main thing is that the cost of this OS is also totally different. The cost in the sense like you will be able to distribute Linux among your friends for free but I don’t think you will be able to share Unix OS with your any mates as Unix cost fluctuates according to the different type of vendors.

So this is just a basic difference between Linus and Unix and there are much other difference that you will obviously want to know.

What Is Unix?

I guess you all know much better about Linux but I guess maximum of you don’t know much about Unix so here I will tell you something about Unix OS.

Unix is a very common and basic OS and this OS doesn’t depends upon your specification. Unix is very comfortable with every type of users and the reason why this Unix is known is that this OS hardly hangs, I am sure if you work once with this OS you will feel unique and comfortable to work with it.

So this is all about Unix , I hope by now you have got more than half of the advantages of using Unix in your DOS PC or Windows PC. So let’s not make you wait and go for the main point i.e. basic difference between Unix and Linux.

10 Basic Difference between Linux and Unix

So here it goes some of the 10 basic difference between Linux and Unix.

  1. One of the common difference between this two OS is their Development and their distribution. Linux developer is open to everyone, you can share their codes in many social forums where you will meet many friends, where as in Unix it is divided in AT & T and the codes are only available to various vendors of Unix.
  2. The second thing is cost. You will be able to share Linux codes or formulas with your friends or with your close families but I don’t think you will be able to share codes of Unix because as I have said Unix codes differ from type to type. Even thoug if your type of Unix comes out same, I don’t think you will share the code of Unix that you have bought from some vendors in some money.
  3. Linux can be used by anyone from anywhere because the codes are not that different that only experts will be able to handle this where as Unix is only been developed for the official users and for the experts because Unix is very much useful for all the official works let it be any official works.
  4. Here come one of the important thing and that is the file support. In Unix you will only be able to take zfs, jfs, hfs, hfs+, ufs, gpfs, , xfs  this formats of file in your PC where as if you are using Linux then you will be able to take Ext2, Ext3, FAT, FAT32, NTFS,Ext4, Jfs, ReiserFS, Xfs, Btrfs etc.
  5. In Unix your price will say about the support of the OS in your device but in Linux your price won’t tell you about the support because here even free will support to your device successfully.
  6. Till date the virus count of this two OS is similar. In Unix till date there are only 80-120 viruses but in Linux you will hear for 65-100 virus detected but it did not spread and effect any other device.
  7. For using Linux in your PC you will not need any high professional processor but where as if you want to use Unix you will needx86/x64,Itanium, Power,Sparc,, PowerPC, PA-RISC and some more.
  8. The another difference between this two OS is that. Linux is an open software development centre and also an OS. But Unix is only an OS which is very popularly used in many school, colleges and other industries.
  9. When you type any thing you will also find some different in between this two OS text. IN Linux you will find BASH and default shell text and this two text formats in many command of computer. Where as in Unix you will be given Bourne Shell, BASH and corn which is compatible with all the official works as I have said before in the definition of Unix.
  10. You will be able to install Linux in many multiple computer, mobile phones, tablets etc. but you will only find Unix OS in some workstation and in some internet servers company. If you are managing any fianacial thing then I am sure you will need to use Unix OS in your PC.

So this is all the 10 Linux and Unix Difference and this difference is very simple. So I hope you will be able to know more deep about this two whole different OS. I hope if you are being asked by any of your professor then you will be able answer all this points. If you have any problems then do comment us below. Thanks for reading, keep visiting our site for more information.

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