Become an Influencer: Buy Twitter Followers and Get a Little Closer to Your Dream!

Twitter is one of the biggest online communities. Naturally, this social network has popular users who become leaders of mind and set trends within it. These users are often called influencers. Nowadays their opinion about things, places, situations, or people has a serious weight in online communities. With 145 million daily active users, it can be hard to squeeze in and find a place under the sun among influencers. Hard, but still possible. Let’s find out how you can reach the dream!


One of the most important statistics for an influencer on Twitter would be the number of followers. To be noticed and considered as an influencer you should have from 2k to 10k of followers at least. On Twitter the amount of subscribers is the vital stat for promotion because people always pay attention to this number when they decide if they want to follow.  How can a beginner gross his first two thousand? Well, there are a few effective methods, and purchasing a couple of hundreds of followers to push your blog is one of the fastest. Relax, no one is talking about just mindless money spending on thousands of bots. But for boosting your profile quickly, you can buy 100 Twitter followers on sites like

Don’t think that it will make you an influencer at once. Buying followers on social media is a method that can be used for the economy of time, but it can never completely replace the real followers that you get. 


A mark for a good influencer is interaction with his followers and other bloggers. Twitter is based on conversations, and you can’t avoid communicating with people if you want to meet your goal. The most effective tips to maintain the growth of your popularity are:

  • Tweet regularly. Around 7-10 tweets per day is told to be enough for successful engagement
  • Follow, tag, and retweet other people. This helps to enlarge audience eloquently
  • Retweet your old tweets. This feature is a pure delight for keeping up the tweets that created the most lively reaction.
  • Divide your audience to target groups with the help of Twitter Lists. When you have a big number of followers it can be easy to get tangled. 
  • Use Twitter Chat to get in touch with your subscribers
  • Make contests, challenges, and games for your followers
  • Collaborate with other bloggers from your industry to gross followers from their audience
  • Use popular hashtags and create your own 
  • Become friends with your most active followers.


There are two main specific types of influencers. The first one is called Hub. This kind is in response to creating new viral content, trendy challenges, hashtags, etc. To become a hub influencer, you need to get involved in the latest trends and news throughout the entire community. The second basic type of influencer is Bridge. These bloggers are the power that spreads all new trends that are produced by hubs. They are helping to secure the newly invented trends among users. 

These are the main types of influencers, but there is no limit. Depending on the industry there can be more different specifics. You should not hold on to a single type for growth. This matter is evolving all the time, so again, the best advice would be – stick with trends and ideas that are pleasant and interesting to you. 


Twitter is a big community and there are many bloggers in every available niche. So to stand out from other users, you must create something that will work for you and make your profile recognized. It is OK to look for inspiration on someone else’s blog, yet you never should copy it. What you should do is a contrary thing – develop your own style, make your Twitter page different from all others. Don’t be afraid to be yourself and speak your mind. Think outside the box and enter any discussion only if you have something meaningful to add. 

Besides, showing your personality is one of the most effective ways to attract new followers.


This is one of the necessary things for an influencer. The content that you make has to be interesting not just because of the hot topic, but because of the attitude you show. Don’t ever be afraid to speak sincerely. Doing that helps to show personality and thus attract people to you. However, we made a list for the most engaging types of posts, that you should include:

  • News and trends. Every now and then you have to drop a post about the current situation around the world because many people use Twitter primarily for quick access to news (and would love to discuss it
  • Visual content. Even though Twitter is designed as a texting blog, adding photos and videos will make your account more popular.
  • Questions. Proved to be one of the most engaging types of posts, but you must think carefully about the topic to avoid answers that are not relevant to you. 
  • Memes and other entertaining content. Nothing is better than a good meme. The highest level of coolness is if you produce memes yourself.
  • User-generated content. Good thing for pleasing your audience without much effort. You need only to provide an occasion for followers to begin creating the content. 


Becoming an influencer is hard work to do. You need to pay attention to many factors and spend much time online. You can buy followers on Twitter to make your way to the top easier, but don’t get carried away and work for real followers as well. Also, don’t forget to develop your personality offline. That would be a good investment in your blog. Remember that in order to become an influencer, you must not focus solely on this goal. Be independent and eventually people will start to consider you as one. 

Dharmesh is Co-Founder of TechnoFizi and a passionate blogger. He loves new Gadgets and Tools. He generally covers Tech Tricks, Gadget Reviews etc in his posts. Beside this, He also work as a SEO Analyst at TechnoFizi Solutions.


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